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The People Pictures

Well, we're back to "the people pictures." Those great Andrew Bucci figures from the 1950s. (Decorator Melissa Rufty used one in that punchy Southern guest room.)

During the 50s, the Mississippi-born artist used clear, unapologetically joyful color and incorporated pattern in a way that suggests the influence of Matisse. For me, the vibrating yellow, purple and orange, along with the decorative surface pattern of the textiles, above, definitely speak Fauve.

Cole Pratt Gallery director, Erika Olinger, explains that the mid-century era was the heyday for that style of Bucci's work. "After that his work started to deconstruct," she says. Olinger describes the pieces from that period as amazing and notes that most of them were done as Bucci was finishing up at The Art Institute of Chicago.

So, if you find yourself on New Orleans' Magazine Street this spring, you have another destination to add to the list. (At the gallery look for Bucci's later highly abstract work and the representational figures.) Both of the figures above are untitled, oil on paper, 24 by 19 inches.

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After looking at the Bucci figures, KDM asked me to refresh her memory about this fanciful portrait of Vogue's iconic editor Diana Vreeland. The artist in this case is mid-century illustrator, René Bouché. Click here for a related past post.

The Vreeland image is from Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years.


Fargerike Dagny said...

Love it! Have been looking for something similar for ages!

ALL THE BEST said...

So beautiful and the colors are just stunning. Nice work Courtney!!!

Style Court said...

Thanks Ronda!

Dagny, glad you like these too.

jamey said...

I turn off Magazine by this gallery most days to go home. I'll definitely have to stop in. Thanks for pointing out all of these wonderful spaces. It's funny how you can "see" things every day and not really "see" them.

Style Court said...

So true Jamey :)

pve design said...

Oh how wonderful, Bucci's work reminds me of one of my favorite artists, "Fairfield Porter." When I see work like this, it leads me to believe that the 50's was a magical time.

Anonymous said...

Was this by any chance the artist who painted the profile portrait of Diana Vreeland - that used to be in her office? I think it was shown in DV. (One of the best auto-bios ever - I leant my copy to someone and it is gone for good now.) KDM

Style Court said...

KDM -- Funny, I think I posted that portrait in the past. Let me go through my old labels. Should be a different artist.

Style Court said...

I think you may be remembering Vogue illustrator, René Bouché. Just type his name in my search box and see if that's it :)

Style Court said...

PVE -- thought you would appreciate these!

Anonymous said...

That Vreeland portrait is fabulous.