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Inspiration is Free II

This week Janet Blyberg is sharing magical photographs of her recent trip to Japan. I've said it before, but she has a wonderful eye. So be sure to check her blog or visit her here for updates. And if you're also in the mood to get creative this weekend, Binders is offering budget-friendly deals: 40-50% off paints, brushes, canvases and more.

More to explore: the interactive features of the Gibbes Museum site. There's a terrific section about artist Alice Ravenel Huger Smith and cultural exchange between Japan and the United States. Smith was highly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic and she used Asian techniques to interpret Lowcountry subjects through woodblock prints. Shown above, Smith's Moon, Flower and Hawk Moth.


Janet said...

Oh, I love that photograph...! Japan is full of inspiration. Thank you for the mention (again!). xo.

Style Court said...

Janet -- I just love all the pictures you came back with! A bright note in a dreadful week.

Renée Finberg said...

makes me smile too.

i love pagoda ' ANYTHING' !!!!!!!!

Pigtown*Design said...

I am so excited to meet up with Janet tomorrow to tour Baltimore's Homewood House, have lunch and visit Book Thing!

Karen Orr said...

The book 'Alice Ravenel Huger Smith: An Artist, a Place and a Time" is a complete study of Alice Smith's life and Art.

Author Martha R. Severens provides insight into Smith's life and describes her prominent role in Charleston and its history.

Severens also traces Smith's development into one of the leading artists of her time, most famous for her poetic watercolors of the Carolina lowcountry.

Over 70 of Smith's works are illustrated in Severen's book, including 53 color reproductions.