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Dogwood v. Magnolia

Some of you have emailed to point out that Benton Weinstock's flea market painting was mistakenly identified in a magazine as representing a dogwood blossom. (Just an innocent error.) Clearly it appears to be a magnolia. For the record, here is a dogwood serigraph by Atlanta-based artist Michelle Prahler. Coincidentally, this affordable, 12" by 16", print is available for the same price Benton paid for her piece, $30.

A serigraph is basically a form of screenprinting, which is a type of stenciling. According to MOMA, during the 1930s many American artists began working with screenprints and the term "serigraph" emerged to distinguish artists' prints from commercial products.

In Atlanta, Michelle Prahler is represented by Young Blood Gallery. Click here to read about a budding six-year-old designer who will debut her work there this week.


Mrs. Blandings said...

Courtney - love the Bucci pieces - the black and whites, of course, but the colorful ones are wonderful as well - thanks for the link.

Style Court said...

Patricia -- his work is my new obsession!!!