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Behind the Scenes at the Gibbes (and Other Charleston Sites)

Explore the Gibbes Museum of Art with a special behind-the-scenes tour of the storeroom led by the Museum's executive director, Angela D. Mack, and curatorial staff. Visitors will have a chance to see where works are kept when not on display, and also learn more from curators about what it takes to put on an exhibition. The event takes place tomorrow, March 18, at 2 p.m. and is part of the five-day Charleston Art & Antiques Forum. Tickets cost $25. Click here to check current online availability.

Shown above are signature pieces from the Gibbes Museum of Art collection:

William Halsey, circa 1971
Collage, paint, glue, canvas and sand on Masonite
(at the top)

Magnolia Grandiflora. No. 9
Anna Heyward Taylor, circa 1935
Wood-block print on paper
(third image)

If you would rather just look at pretty Charleston-related pictures from your computer, hop over to Charleston Weddings. Event planner Tara Guerard has once again brought modernity to the historic William Aiken House. (Be sure to note the floating IKEA chairs!) Photos by Squire Fox.

Above, another view of the fun chairs courtesy Tara's new blog, BonBon.

Exposed brick in the stable suite at the Aiken House. Images via Patrick Properties.


Anonymous said...

the Gibbs Museum of Art has some great things to see. would love to visit it some day.

Floating chars! A must see..

JMW said...

Gorgeous pics! Would love to get down to Charleston.

Miss Kris said...

Ooooh...I love the Charleston Wedding images!!! So PRETTY! I love all the lovely sorbet colours!!!:)

Alkemie said...

All the colors in the images are so pretty! What a dreamy place to get married in.

Karen O.

ALL THE BEST said...

Beautiful photos Courtney!!

patrick properties said...

Courtney, thanks so much for The William Aiken House mention. Soiree does elegant modern so beautifully.

Style Court said...

Patrick Properties -- my pleasure. I'm so happy everyone is enjoying the pictures.

Appreciate the nice comments. Thanks everyone!