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My Rorschach

When you love something, you see it everywhere. On the right, PD's ever-popular "Fig Leaf," and on the left, Sara Cole's painting, "End of Reticence III." If a fabric can be about something, "Fig Leaf" probably represents summer, health, and happy times. Sara's work explores all phases of the life cycle, including the process of transformation and regeneration.


pve design said...

Courtney -
So true, I fondly remember a print that my sister wore when she won the Brittanica Encyclopedia's - I must find that photo now. I think My Mother made the dress.
Funny how prints become like indelible ink in our mind and etch a time and place.
I made a wrap dress in high school and it was a tiny brown leaf on creme ground and wore it with brown strappy flat sandals. I loved that print. I think it symbolized a new leaf in my life.

Style Court said...

Patricia VE -- you do come from a talented family! I can just imagine how great that brown-and-creme print wrap dress looked with your blonde hair.

Mrs. Blandings said...

The coffee stain is my favorite part.

Emily Amy Gallery said...

How interesting...I completely see the resemblance when they are side by side. They are both lovely.

Anonymous said...

I think the best thing about fabric is that it is truly functional art and can be used in so many ways to evoke a feeling or mood. Of course I'm a bit biased :)!

Janet said...

What a lovely pair! And I do think fabric is almost always about something! Textiles are such an essential part of our lives. That's why I find patchwork quilts so fascinating...a collection of memories stitched together.

Anonymous said...

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