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Mental Traveler II

Stacey Bradley, the Charleston-based artist behind PerlaAnne, is also a busy mom and the wife of musician, Jay Clifford, with plenty of her own domestic to-do lists. But if she could take off alone, just for the day, she would submerge herself in nature on some uninhabited island with little more that paper and pencils in tow. She says, "The natural world is the most inspiring to me -- all that life buzzing around. I seem to have disconnected from that in my art lately, so I want to get back there!"

Look for Stacey's work on Etsy. Drawing paper available at Binders. The gorgeous images above are from Garden & Gun.

Bilbao, Spain inspires Adrienne Casbarian, the brains behind Lum Lighting. "If I had a private jet and no kids for the day, I would go to the Guggenheim in Bilbao and scour every inch of it by myself."

When she was younger, Adrienne spent a good bit of time on the Spanish coast, loving the fact that it was then off the radar. She also savored quick trips to San Sebastian and Guernica.

If she had time to indulge in courses, Adrienne would consider more art history. "I am terrible at any kind of art (I mean really terrible -- truly horrific) and my sister was amazing at everything art-related. I was the business minded kid and she was the artistic one. I took that too literally....I didn't realize I could still love art without being able to do it myself. Luckily, somewhere after college I figured that out and those that can't do can still appreciate."

In terms of finding inspiration within her own city, NOLA, Adrienne would head to Magazine Street. "It has a little of everything -- art galleries, antique stores, curiosity shops, little restaurants, little neighborhood parks, and pretty architecture (depending on what block you are on). All walks of life come together here. You can find a total dive bar next to one of the most expensive antique shops in town. It personifies one of the things I like best about New Orleans: the mix of opulence and scumminess."

Museum image via eitb24

Newcomb Art Gallery image via Tulane.

Random Crescent City pictures are from G & G. Photographer Randy Harris

BTW: I always enjoy browsing Adrienne's finds to get inspired and think about objects I might remake into a lamp. The Japanese pewter is stunning.

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The Peak of Chic said...

Stacey's suggestions are very inspiring. How I wish I could take Art History classes again!! Oh to be able to find the time ;)