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Every once in a blue moon I like to post pictures from a designer's (or artist's) wedding. Usually I do this after I've been cleaning out files or rearranging old books. Since a professional photographer friend was just telling me how slow his wedding business is, due to the economy, I thought it would be nice to share two really simple-but-luxe ideas from photographer Amy Neunsinger.

Amy's wedding was on a farm outside Savannah, Georgia, and admittedly it was intended to have a barefoot-in-the-grass feel. As I understand it, her mom and friends did the flowers.

A few magnolia branches were tied together for an understated (yet stunning) bouquet. On tables magnolias floated in bowls, and scattered around were big tubs filled with voluptuous peonies and roses. I'm sure you've seen things like this before. Still it never hurts to be reminded of the incredible no-fuss arrangements that can be done with "backyard flowers." I also think some of these ideas could translate to a graduation party.

Later in her Los Angeles home, Amy propped her own photo of a magnolia above the fireplace.

Images one through three are from Shabby Chic: Sumptuous Settings and Other Lovely Things and image four is from Martha Stewart.


Mrs. Blandings said...

You are really teasing me with all your images of fresh flowers. It's snowing here and I have picked up some flowers at the market, but it is torture knowing how long it will be before there is a bloom in the yard.

Lisa Porter said...

This takes me back to sitting under my great-grandmother's huge magnolia tree in Texas. Pretty photos. I think i can actually smell those sweet magnolia blossoms just waiting to be tied into a beautiful bouquet! Thanks for the memories and a nice story.

Lisa Porter said...

So sorry. I know you are not Anne.
i was just visiting her site and then saw her chair on your page.
I'm still pretty new at all this blogging business so forgive me.

Style Court said...

Hi Lisa!

No worries! Thanks for sharing your memories.

Style Court said...

Patricia -- I'm lucky to be able to take my mom's camellias! I'll add a picture here.

Anonymous said...

My husband's aunt and cousins did the floral arrangements for my wedding last July. They used hydrangeas scoured from neighbors' yards, mounding them on cake platters that were put in the center of the table. The arrangements turned out absolutely stunning; I could not have been happier.

Style Court said...

Sounds perfect Rachel!