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Many blog readers have been fascinated by recent posts from Mrs. Blandings and Emily Evans Eeerdmans that discuss the use of nature-inspired paper cut-outs on walls. (Loosely decoupage-related, you might say.) Their posts reminded me of this project by Thomas Jayne.

In 2004, Jayne participated in eBay's showhouse to benefit Alpha Workshops. Each designer was required to decorate an empty room in less than two months using products purchased exclusively on eBay. Apparently the budget was small, at least compared to what the designers were accustomed to.

As I understand it, Jayne began with a vintage wallpaper sample and ran with it. The framed collage above includes antique drawings, fragments and other works on paper. Thought it might inspire some of the artists out there.


pve design said...

Visually inspired, indeed. It is a challenge to decorate an empty room with a small budget automatically - which makes me feel at home. My Mother always said, it really does not take much to make one happy if you choose wisely.
Lovely fragments, artfully composed.

Paul Pincus said...

jayne's room is very beautiful! i think the collage is great-looking and very charming.

Style Court said...

I wish I could have seen it in person!

Erin Sledd said...

It does!

Unknown said...

Hm - I am not really a friend of vintage collages because this has been used ad nauseum and mostly in a very superficial way. But this collage is really inspiring and very beautiful in this simple interior design. I love it :)