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Service Announcements, a Reader Request, and a Little Inspiration

A few weeks ago I mentioned the 38th annual Cathedral Antique Show and said that the $15 admission tickets benefit a "good cause." It's worth noting that this year's beneficiary serves indigent women.

The event starts this Thursday and runs through January 26. Three learning lectures will be offered in conjunction with the show: Landscape architect Spencer Tunnell will discuss garden restoration; White House historian William Seale will talk about reconciling the historic house with modern times; and antique restorer Steve Sherwood will address furniture restoration. Click here for the full schedule. Tickets to the Tunnell and Sherwood lectures are $15 each, and tickets to Seale's lecture cost $50.

If you've ever considered volunteering for the National Gallery of Art, the museum is currently accepting applications for docents to lead school tours. The deadline is February 28. Click here for details.

Also check out the virtual Romare Bearden exhibition, my podcast pick, Vermeer: Master of Light, and NGA Kids. One of many online activities offered is a Still Life Composer that enables children to create vignettes inspired by the Old Masters.

A reader has asked for help identifying the fabric used on the sofa above. It is Lilacs by Cowtan & Tout (colourway #1094-04). (Images are from Michael S.Smith: Elements of Style, Rizzoli, 2005.)

If this helps jog your memory, the sofa also appeared in an Elle Decor spread, June/July 2000, on the home of fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli and his wife, actress Lori Laughlin.

In the better late then never category, I just realized witty Lum Lighting founder, Adrienne Casbarian, was featured on the cover of last September's New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles. Her vintage lighting is exquisite, fun, and alas high-end, but I find inspiration simply browsing. Click here for the digital edition.

And finally a winter scene. Janet snapped this view of the U.S. Capitol from the United States Botanic Garden. It's one of the most original approaches I've stumbled upon. See you after the inauguration.

The second image from the top is a sampling of pieces offered by Higgins Antiques, one of the dealers participating in the Cathedral Antique Show. On the right is a 9 inch Late Ming period (late 16th-early-17th-century) cabinet. The art, furniture and objects on view may be enjoyed by all ticket holders.
The first image is courtesy New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles .

Image five, Frank Stewart, Romare Bearden in his Long Island City Studio with a photograph of his paternal great-grandparents, c. 1980
Copyright © 2009 National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C


cotedetexas said...

I'm almost certain it is his own fabric for Cowtan and Tout!

Style Court said...

Thanks Joni! I emailed the reader Cowtan but I wasn't sure. I trust your instincts on this!

Anonymous said...

Lum Lighting is my favorite! They have beautiful pieces. I'm such a fan of the bubble lamps.

Style Court said...

And also, Adrienne has been generous, donating portions of her lamp sales to NOLA-based non-profits :)

Pigtown*Design said...

Doesn't Janet have the most amazing eye? We were both at the same historic house, taking pictures of the same things, and her pictures were artistic creations and mine were snapshots!

Style Court said...

Well, Meg, I think you underestimate yourself! But yes, Janet has a gift for noticing small wonders.

MIMILEE said...

OH, I so hope I will be able to attend the Cathedral Antique Show....I have in the past and absolutely adored it!! I went the year that Charles Faudree was there and love seeing and hearing him again! There is always something for everyone at the Cathedral show! Thanks Courtney!

Style Court said...

Mimi -- yes, it's a great place for looking and learning even if you have no plans to make a purchase!

Anonymous said...

The fabric on the settee is Lilacs by Cowtan & Tout (colourway #1094-04). The homeowners were fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli and his wife, actress Lori Laughlin. The house appeared in the June/July 2000 issue of Elle Decor.

Michelle said...

I remember that article about Lori Laughlin...I thought she had a fairy tale life in that home.