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Reader Requests: More Beard and More Pink

Many of you are smitten with the soft peachy-pink hues that dominate the latest J. Crew catalog, as well as some very pretty blog posts on sites including Coco Kelley. You've asked for a roundup of those late-eighties/early-nineties rooms that I highlighted last year, noting that the pastel shade was all the rage then too.

So here it is, below. But above I wanted to lead with current images from Bazaar, February 2009: Deborah Lloyd's house. She's Kate Spade's creative director, and like me, she is a big fan of photographer Peter Beard. Of course she also has a copy of Osa Johnson's zebra-covered I Married Adventure. It's a treat to see a grouping of Beard's work, and her pink accents are an interesting foil for it.

Above on the left, an image from House Beautiful Decorating Style, 1992. On the right, a bedroom designed by Atlanta's Candler Lloyd.

A gulf coast bedroom by Gerrie Bremermann. Magazine unidentified; believed to be Veranda or Southern Accents, early 1990s.

And Nancy Goslee Power's house as seen in House Beautiful Decorating Style, 1992.

The Harper's Bazaar pictures were photographed by Anders Overgaard.

The other day at Sam Flax, I spotted several copies of The End of the Game -- the edition priced under $40.

Afterthoughts: The dressing table vignette above, from an early issue of domino, has a great Peter Beard in Africa vibe. (Although I can't identify the artists for each work.) This is also another nice example of mixing diverse frames in one grouping.

The walls in Chloe Sevigny's East Village house, as seen in House & Garden, January 2006, are lovely. The paint color is Yours Truly from Benjamin Moore. Decorator David Cafiero, of Cafiero Select, worked on the project. Photography by Francois Halard.


Zelda said...

Hi I'm also a frame addict . no more space on my walls no even for a postal stamp.
so I will stop by again ,,, love artwork !!

Style Court said...

Oh good Zelda, thanks for stopping by. You sound like Mr. Clapper in New Orleans :)

Pigtown*Design said...

So interesting. Love the pinks!

Style Court said...

I'm glad Meg!

The Peak of Chic said...

I really enjoyed that Bazaar feature. Their home had so much style and panache! Oh, and energy too.

thebubbreport said...

I thought of you the second I saw that book in the Bazaar spread!

I enjoyed the spread a lot, bu something is really missing for me with kate spade since Kate and Andy left. Everything seems to be a really really near miss. I used to collect their products obsessively, so I guess it's good news for my credit card balance that I've lost that lovin' feeling!


Style Court said...

Jennifer -- energy is a good word.

Becks -- flattered that you thought of me. Hope you will like the possible changes Lloyd might bring to KS!