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Not a Football Fan?

If Super Bowl Sunday isn't something you look forward to all year, the High is offering discounted general admission on February 1. Adult tickets will be marked down to $10 and are now available online. For anyone who plans to be in Atlanta this weekend, there's plenty of wonderful art to savor. I also feel compelled to follow up and mention that the High has a good selection of children's art books, including titles about artist Romare Bearden.

Another fun activity might be to sift through all your child's art work and select one for framing. Since many parents continually accumulate what my friend, Ellen Luckett Baker, calls a critical mass of kids' drawings, it's tempting not to commit to a permanent frame. But every few years, when budget allows, framing one work in a refined "grown-up" gallery-worthy frame is a lovely thing to do. My grandparents did this for us. Besides validating the child's feelings, sometimes you end up with an interesting addition to your collection.

The image above appeared in domino, December 2008; lion drawing courtesy Ellen Luckett Baker; image of frames courtesy The Magazine Antiques. (Read Emily's recap of this publication's revitalization.)


Janet said...

I am glad to know I am not the only one skipping the big game...I have a museum outing of my own planned! Cheers.

Style Court said...

Janet -- enjoy!

the long thread said...

So funny that you mentioned this and showed Eva's drawing. My parents are coming on Sunday and we are headed to the High.

I've been meaning to ask you -- have you ever written a post about Marimekko or Liberty of London? I'd love to suggest these for future topics.

Style Court said...

Hey Ellen -- funny I was going to credit Eva but wasn't sure about giving out her name :)

Anyway, I think you will like this past post from Style Beat:

And I need to do research and see if there's any history left to cover that other bloggers have not yet done. Thanks for the input!