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Layered Art

A background of gallery-white walls or graphic pattern? When it comes to hanging art there are different approaches. Many designers feel that a lush backdrop of color, and in some cases even pattern, can actually enhance art not detract from it.

Caroline Clifton-Mogg says that if you do opt to layer art over a strongly-patterned wallpaper, take care to ensure the works aren't lost in the wall. Distinct frames and mats can help. Here's a quick look at what various decorators have done.

Peter Dunham uses wide mats and strong wood frames to delineate art from dining room walls covered in his fabulous Samarkand.

Clifton-Mogg feels that this punchy red pattern actually helps to unify a large collection of memorabilia and art.

A light black-and-white drawing stands out easily against the Pomegranate wallpaper by William Morris.

Above and below, more of Dunham's intuitive approach.

At the top, Mary McDonald's guest house photographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna for domino, February 2009.

All Dunham images are from past House Beautiful showhouses. All other images are from Displaying Pictures.


beachbungalow8 said...

love the wlm. morris wallpaper!

Style Court said...

Hi Megan -- Happy 2009. It looks great with the portrait, doesn't it?

Emily Amy Gallery said...

I like the way Peter Dunham has approached this. Large mats that separate the art from the wallpaper are key in my opinion. But, I also love everything Peter Dunham does, so that may cloud my judgement a bit!

elly e said...

Okay, I am amazed if you have your Domino already because I havnt recieved mine and its not on the stand yet either. Yes, I am crazy but I do love Mary McDonald's uses of color and horizontal stripe. Every room should have a touch of black just as Ms. Draper says.

Style Court said...

Hi Elly -- the story is on domino's website. I included the link above. No spoilers :)

I love McDonald too.