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I'm always happy to see Patrick Dunne's byline in Southern Accents. For this month's issue he wrote about two passionate collectors, King and Anne Milling. Both have a genuine interest in art and antiques, and it's nice to learn how they began acquiring pieces during the early years of their marriage. (Like many, they started out with a card table and four folding chairs.)

There's no doubt the caliber of the Millings' collection is quite high, but I think their approach can apply to a range of budgets. Basically, the idea is look, learn and build slowly over time. Think of decorating and collecting as "a love affair, not portfolio building" writes Dunne.

Antique shows are a good place to start looking. The 38th annual Cathedral Antique Show takes place in a few weeks -- January 22-26. As I say every year, even if you have no intention of buying any furniture or art, purchase a $15 ticket for a good cause and enjoy browsing the dealer's booths. Make a mental wish list or master plan. If you have time, attend one of the educational lectures.

Many gallery owners are also happy to have visitors stop in and appreciate their artists' work, whether or not you are currently a serious buyer. One day you might be. I think Emily Amy has this philosophy, so I have to mention her Brickworks gallery again.

Shown above is Sarah Hinkley's Forgive Sounds Good. Tria Giovan photographed the first two images, shown courtesy Southern Accents.


Mrs. Blandings said...

My brain, too, gets a little skip in its step when I see Dunne's byline. I thought the Millings' collection wonderful and was equally impressed that their home did not appear to be a museum. It's a very gracious and livable home.

Style Court said...

Yes! Nothing stiff about the house at all. (They look like a fun couple too :)

Emily Amy Gallery said...

I agree...their home is very livable. It appears that their art collection includes many works on paper, which is a great way to begin any collection. The work is typically smaller and less expensive (unless of course you are collecting the masters!).

Thanks so much for the gallery mention. In my experience, most gallery owners would be thrilled to have casual browsers. Most of us just want people to find inspiration and enjoyment from their gallery visit! So, please stop by!

Emily Amy Gallery said...
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Karena said...

Very nice, comfortable, collections with meaning.

karlene said...

I love the wisdom here! Art is such a perfect way to personalize your home, and you are sooo right, art is really the only thing that moves with us, and family pictures in a box. :-)