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Don't Miss It II

This evening I was able to spend more time with my latest domino, happily landing on the story about New Orleans resident Rebecca Singley. Her family's house perfectly captures that refined-meets-down-home quality I mentioned the other day. No "it" fabrics jumped out at me. Everything was timeless yet youthful and relaxed. So I wanted to draw attention to it, but not intending to be a spoiler, I won't post clear views of the story yet.

Just some quick facts of interest: Singley's mother and stepfather are the proprietors of Soniat House, and her husband owns Gautreau's, the restaurant shown at the top.

And you know Madame Pierre Gautreau, also known as 19th century "it girl" Virginie Amelie Gautreau, immortalized by Sargent. Visit The Met to learn more. Related reading, Strapless.


Pigtown*Design said...

There's also a book called "Madam X" about this portrait.

Style Court said...

Thanks for the tip Meg!

Karena said...

I will have to look at the Domino article again! I love all of Sargent's portraits!

Style Court said...

Hi Karen -- the restaurant and Madame X share the same name, and I added that for interest. It's not in the magazine story. Sorry for any confusion.

columnist said...

John Singer Sargent was such a master, and this picture is no exception to that talent.