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More About Victoria

I know many of you are anxious to learn a little more about Vicky. Soon her site will officially launch, but you can contact her here. She does commissioned work including interiors, house portraits, and custom cards.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Vicky left home to attend the the Rhode Island School of Design, where she majored in furniture design. Ultimately she had to move back to Argentina, and she completed her education there with a BFA in Painting and Education. She says, "A fine artist sometimes finds herself doing anything and everything..."

After moving to Los Angeles with her husband, and working at an array of jobs, Vicky began pondering her childhood interest in beautiful rooms. Like so many readers I hear from, as a little girl she constantly re-arranged her bedroom and her parents' things.

In L.A. she applied for an interior design internship. "Little did I know that I was going to end up in the hands of Ruthie Sommers! I was so thrilled to get the opportunity to work with her, but also to discover my new passion. I became her project manager, which I must say has been the most [exciting] job I’ve ever had. Her creativity is truly contagious. Working closely with her, picking out beautiful fabrics and trims, going to project sites, visiting vendors, overlooking her latest creation, and literally jumping and screaming in excitement over a new idea or yummy antique settee has been a really fun process."

Vicky's art had primarily been abstract and large-scale, but one night she went home and started sketching Ruthie's ideas for a client on a scrap of paper and got carried away. The next morning, she shyly brought them to work. Ruthie got a peak and said, “Vicky you have to do this! These are great!” So that prompted Vicky to take her illustrations and renderings to the next level. Click here for a review.

Afterthought: You may find the room below looks familiar.

It's the lush apartment of Yves Saint Laurent muse and designer, LouLou de la Falaise.

Vicky was inspired to paint it after pouring over the book, Dressing the Home. To see other views of the apartment, click here.

Victoria is actually not the woman pictured above with Ruthie, but I included the shot because it works with the story and it's a personal favorite!


pve design said...

What lovely work! It always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when a kindred artist makes me want to do even better. Wishing Vicky tons of happiness with her work!

Style Court said...

Patricia -- you and Vicky have so much in common. I love seeing how various artists, who do interiors, bring a slightly different perspective to the work.

beachbungalow8 said...

I had no idea she was so talented! beautiful work

Renée Finberg said...

i would give anything to do illustrations like that !!!!

what a super duper talent !

: )

love your blog, it's on my roll.
i have to check it out every time you post.

have a nice weekend

Style Court said...

Oh you too Renee! Thanks so much.

Ivy Lane said...

It is so inspiring when someone finds their true calling! :)

Unknown said...

how fun to see the unknown talent of someone i've met- who knew? (we crossed paths when she was an intern working for ruthie).

gorgeous work- i'm going to have to email victoria and tell her so!

Alkemie said...

Her illustrations are simply gorgeous! I love the ethereal quality of them. I also love the book at the bottom of the post, one of my favorites for inspiration. Great post!

Style Court said...

Alkemie --glad to know you like the book. Yes, her work is really special!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing.

Jessica Claire said...


Karena said...

I actually adore her outdoor renderings. Fabulous!! So much talent out there!