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Week in Review


Tonight at 7 p.m. at the High, Patrick Bensard, Directeur de la Cinémathèque de la Danse, will screen and discuss three historic film shorts tracing the images and impact of early African-American artists and performers who found acclaim and notoriety in France, such as Duke Ellington and Sydney Bechet.

Creative in-store holiday craft demonstrations will be going on throughout the weekend at Paper Source on North Highland Avenue in Atlanta, as well as at locations across the country.

Just in:

Here's how Peter Dunham's new velvet stripe looks made up. Visit his shop for details.


Brilliant Asylum said...

Courtney, I have enjoyed your Daily Doses. Nice work.

The screening tonight at the High looks right up my alley. I may even be willing to fight the Friday traffic to attend this one.
: )

Style Court said...

Thanks Millie.

Unfortunately I can't make the High event but I had to share. It's a bit unrelated to design -- more general culture -- however I thought many readers would find it fascinating.

ALL THE BEST said...

I love the fabrics Courtney! So beautiful!!!

Style Court said...

So glad Ronda!

Stacy McCallum said...

Hey Courtney,

This has been such a fun week of posting. I am sitting on my thumbs waiting for some large projects to finish up and it has been lovely to have a place to go where I know I'll learn something new or see something beautiful.


Style Court said...

Hi Stacy --

Very nice of you to say. I do hope it's been inspiring. I love what Fifi said about her chairs, to be posted Saturday. Thanks for all of your positive comments!

Karena said...

I loved hearing about Atlanta's Big Read Program. Fitzerald's "The Great Gatsby" is one I will definitely encourage my book club to read.

simply seleta said...

Courtney, you put a lot of juicy information in this post! Love Anne's rendering.

I tried to find that fabric you just showed on L&S's website to no avail. Can you narrow the search for me a little and let me know which category it's in? Or email me the link if you know it off-hand. Thanks for helpin' a girl out!


Style Court said...

Sorry about that Seleta! Here, try this and I'll add the link in the post too:

The Peak of Chic said...

It's been very inspiring! And I love what Peter Dunham came up with!