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See How They Wrap

Tastemakers Stiles T. Colwill and Jonathan Gargiulo tell Southern Accents that their holiday prep begins the week before Thanksgiving. One of their many activities includes assembling gifts to be wrapped in the guesthouse dining room. Reading this, I wondered how other artists, editors, and designers wrap their holiday presents. So I did a little investigating.

Those oh-so-creative sisters, Hollister and Porter Hovey, have a distinct signature style.
Porter explains, "Every year my sister Hollister and I choose a theme for wrapping our gifts. One year it was a nature theme with little nests and birds we bought at the craft store. In more recent years we've stuck with black wrapping paper with either gold or black ribbon. It's a classic look and makes everything from the summer sausages we get our grandpa to the perfect vintage ebay finds look so elegant."
This year, to be a little green, the duo will cut up the big roll of seamless black studio paper that Porter, who is a photographer, bought for her last project. "I always go with the idea that bigger is better, but I went with a roll that was 10 feet wide! We'll be wraping each black package with twine, twigs and pine sprigs!"

The black grosgrain is available through Kate's Paperie, and I found the image of the black craft paper on Amazon.

Stay tuned for more ideas from other stylish people. You'll notice a real emphasis on thrift. And that leads me to a point I want to make about the presents I've been posting recently: most of the ribbon is recycled. I enjoy art supply stores the way other women like shoe boutiques, and I do add each year to my collection of paper and trims, but I have a small number of packages to wrap. All of the ribbon on gifts to my family comes back to me for use the next year!


tiaraco said...

I always do a color palette every year. Last year was "craft" paper with a lime ribbon and the year before was three different reds. I think it is a nice signature and an extra touch. Plus, it makes it feel like it is special.

Pigtown-Design said...

Grrrr. The article says that Halcyon Farm's in Virginia. It's not, it's about just outside of Baltimore City, about 15 miles from the city center.

Style Court said...

Tiara co,

i love it when people go with a signature look and yours sounds so chic! Different shades of red would be great, and you can't beat lime with neutral craft paper.

Plus, a signature look can be achieved with humble or pricey supplies :)

Style Court said...

Well, Meg, you would know the facts on that better than me :)

Style Court said...

Hi Meg -- in the print edition of SA, Baltimore is clearly identified. Rest easy :)

ArchitectDesign said...

I re-use ribbons too and steal them from gifts and other goodies at work during the holidays! It's a great way to build a collection. I'm a fan of white, silver or gold tissue paper with different ribbons. Once in awhile I use some black and white striped tissue paper I picked up at a 5&10 store!- it's very stylish. All of these simple choices are easy to use, inexpensive and show off the beautiful ribbons!

Style Court said...

AD --

Nabbing the ribbon from office parties or work is hysterical. Very resourceful. I agree with you about all those simple choices showing off the ribbon.

You and the Porter sisters are the first I've known to use black. I think emerald green ribbon or a sprig of holly would also be amazing against dark paper.

The Peak of Chic said...

I'm the one hiding out in the corner b/c I just can't get my act together to wrap such beautiful packages! You've inspired me to make the time to do so :)

Style Court said...

Jennifer -- I think we probably all find that hard to believe! I'm sure yours are gorgeous. But thanks :)

Mrs. Blandings said...

Just popped two packages in the mail with that wonderful smudgy-turquoise wrapping paper from Paper Source and 1.5" black grosgrain ribbon. I have a firm belief that nearly everything can be made better by black grosgrain ribbon. Not only is the Hovey girls' plan chic and elegant, I can just envision them in their loft sipping jazzy cocktails as they wrap.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Great post. I love hearing about who other people wrap their christmas gifts. Especially such cool laides as Porter and Hollister. This year I'm going to be use kraft brown paper to wrap. Still need ideas on what to do with ribbon.

Anonymous said...

One of my friends always wraps her children's "Santa Claus" gifts in newspaper & each child has a different brightly colored ribbon on all of her gifts. It is a really cute way to distinguish what comes from Mom & Dad and what comes from Santa (assuming Santa brings your gifts wrapped, of course), and it is very inexpensive.

Style Court said...

Anon -- wonderful ideas!

I think distinguishing the gifts for each child with different ribbon has so much flair.

One of the designers I questioned for this feature -- to be posted next week -- will use newspaper this year too :)

Thanks for sharing.

Style Court said...

Patricia --

Smudgy turquoise and black grosgrain -- now there's a signature look!

Perfect to be sent from the dream house.

Style Court said...

Camila --

Thanks! Craft paper seems really popular this year. Choosing the ribbon will be such fun. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

Erin Sledd said...

I have my spools and loops of ribbon on display in the curiosity cabinet of treasures I keep in my bedroom. I fill chrystal goblets with them, tie them around keys and padded hangers, pin brooches on them and wear them around my neck, and of course wrap packages with them. I don't, however, get them back :(

Where do you get ribbon in the ATL area? Most especially, velvet ribbons. I used to get vintage velvet ribbons at the big fabric store in downtown SF, and once paid an obscene amount of money for a pale lilac silk ribbon at Bell'occhio . . . a deliciously dangerous place. I know someone who had to ban herself from crossing their threshold.

But back to thrift, I, too, find kraft paper to be a wonderful wrapping material, and in September I painted the front of a package with an image taken from the cover of the book beneath. Oh! And I've taken to tying little origami paper rings and such with the ribbons.

Style Court said...

Hi Erin -- sounds like you are a true ribbon junkie and quite the creative wrapper!

I've heard Bell'occhio is amazing.

In the previous posts there are links to Nicholas Kniel in Sandy Springs. Should be right up your alley. It's up a flight of stairs, so I can't go in and can't give you a firsthand report. But it should have what you want.