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See How They Wrap II

Like many women, New Orleans resident and Lum Lighting founder, Adrienne Casbarian, is going to have a hectic holiday season. When it comes to wrapping presents, she wants to be green and thrifty but she still plans to inject her signature wit and flair.

"I am wrapping in newspaper and two-inch satin red ribbon. I've been saving the good sheets for weeks. My husband will think he is so ahead of the times because he always wraps in newspaper (because he is a man...not because he is green or thrifty)."

I love the juxtapositions in Adrienne's approach: the graphic nature of black-and-white with lush red, and the mix of humble and luxe materials.

Just to take her idea and run with it, I can imagine using pages of book reviews to cover some of this season's great new releases. Two of the most talked about titles that keep emerging at the top of my list are Regency Redux and Domino: The Book of Decorating.

For me, the Domino book is similar to an excellent cookbook: it has wide-ranging appeal and value to many people. But I think it's an especially great present for young moms with little leisure time (like my sister who is also a full-time teacher and grad student). I did an informal poll of doctors/mothers, nurses, and educators who, while very busy, still want stylish, livable homes. This very portable, well-organized resource is crisp, uplifting, straight forward and fun -- just what they could use. $20.80 if purchased here.

Regency Redux is simply an essential for the serious design library. I'm still amazed at the scope of information author Emily Eerdmans included while maintaining an entertaining tone. This is the volume you need to really grasp Neoclassicism and Regency design, and the glamorous reincarnation of these styles in the 20th century -- a phenomenon that's very much with us today too.

Double-face red satin ribbon is available through Kate's.


Karena said...

Lovely ideas Courtney. These would make for an elegant yet easy to find and wrap present for someone special.

GrannySmithGreen said...

I have so enjoyed reading your post on wrapping. I think I am going to use only one paper this year, maybe two. It's time to simplify.

Wouldn't the newspaper comic pages be perfect for children's gifts, or anyone who's a child at heart?

Style Court said...

Hi Karena and Granny Smith --

More tastemakers have shared ideas, so stay tuned this week :)

GSG, I like both of your ideas too. Thanks for sharing!

Amisha said...

Lovely ideas!