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Giving in the 60s, Week III

In the summer I posted these three bronze 18th-century greyhounds from Joseph Braswell's collection, but I saved the remaining figures for this season. They originally appeared in a story titled, Animal Spirits: New Life for the Accessory, part of House Beautiful's 1968 holiday issue. Animal figures were deemed ubiquitous but nonetheless still "the" accessory to have that year.

"Comparable to the status scarf or the bogus jewel, the lurking animal is a perfect foil for stones, porcelain, or clusters of ferns in whatever magical arrangements the imagination can conjure. And, found in important scale -- like the African bull on the following page -- the animal can easily dominate a room."

The magazine stated that most of the creatures photographed for the story were found in European antique shops by American decorators and placed in their homes for the story.

I'm struck by how similar the HB examples are to the dogs, turtles, birds and lions seen right now in shops. When I was in Providence Antiques the other day, this brass turtle in the color image was still available. Like the 1960s version, the shell lifts off so small objects can be stored. In the 60s of course, cigarettes were stashed here.

Megan Arquette took this picture of the gorgeous turquoise dog at Chapman Radcliff before it closed.

See also Mrs. Blandings' related post today.


The Peak of Chic said...

Forty years later and those accessories are still relevant today. Gorgeous images!!

Style Court said...

Jennifer --yes, it's uncanny!

Mrs. Blandings said...

I saw a ebony and ivory (really) elephant yesterday and thought of you. Perfect all black with white tusks. Timeless, as are these images.

Style Court said...

Patricia -- that would have tempted me!

thebubbreport said...

Mrs. Blandings, I am obsessed with elephants! I picked up a crazy ceramic one at Last Call a year ago and it always make me smile.

Hi Courtney! Have you seen the Ghost Snail in the Tony Duquette collection? It's fabulous, but the price tag is very steep! The link is really long and crazy and I don't want to mess up your comment section, but just google Tony Duquette and Ghost Snail and it should come up!


Style Court said...

Thanks Becky! I need to back and look at the post Peak of Chic did on those Duquette things too.

Your elephant sounds fun :)

beachbungalow8 said...

I wasn't sure if it was just that I love these objects or that Ruthie had a ton of them, but I noticed them everywhere in her shop. I love the scale of the smaller pieces and the 'life' and 'character' it brings to a space.

Style Court said...

Megan -- I feel the same way about the "life" and "soul" animal figures can bring to a room.

Alex said...

Those bronze 18th-century greyhounds are wonderful...just love them.