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Books to Give

Many months ago when I learned about Santa Barbara Living, I knew come November I would add it to my library since three Michael Smith-designed houses are included in the book. But now that I have one of the gorgeous editions in my hands, I'm finding myself equally drawn to the wonderful lifestyle shots. There's an unexpectedly joyful quality to this tome.

Mixed alongside lush photography of grand turn-of-the-last-century estates are pictures of kids playing in the sun: the American dream at its most ideal.

As you would expect, many of the houses are some incarnation of Spanish-inspired or Mediterranean-style. But look for surprises too, like Jules Allen's sleek modernist house perched above Butterfly Beach, or Bobby Webb's Caribbean Colonial.

Equestrians feature prominently in this book too. It would make a lovely volume to pour over on Christmas day, especially for the garden or architecture enthusiast. I'm trying not to spoil the surprise by sharing too many interiors, but here below is a small taste of the signature Smith style captured in Santa Barbara Living.

All images above © SANTA BARBARA LIVING by Diane Dorrans Saeks and the editors of Santa Barbara Magazine, Rizzoli New York, 2008.

Of course, the ultimate gift for your favorite equestrienne cousin or college friend is the book I mentioned last May: Horse by Kelly Klein. All proceeds from the sales will benefit Equestrian Aid Foundation.

Klein, a passionate horsewoman, wanted to go beyond pretty romantic images -- although some fall in that category -- and convey the strength of her favorite noble creatures. With artistic close-up views of muscles and veins, she shows the athletic, hard-working nature of horses as well as their innate kindness. What struck me as I flipped through the pages is the diverse range of scenes Klein includes, from the most humble to the very affluent.

Image of Jackie in 1967 by unknown photographer © HORSE by Kelly Klein, Rizzoli New York, 2008.

Pony Kid Red Ribbons, 2006, Kathy Russell

Crow Indians, Montana, 1908, Edward S. CurtisImmortal, Lipizzaner Stallion Siglavy Angelica II-1, Carmel, California, 2006, Lynn Rougeau

Kelly with her stallion Louvre, Bridgehampton, Long Island, 2000, photographer unknown


PoshPrococateur said...

Do you know the name of the blue ikat curtain fabric in the photo with the blue/white tile? I love it!!!

Style Court said...

Hi Posh,

It's gorgeous isn't it? I don't know for certain which fabric Diandra Douglas selected but there is a similar ikat for sale through

Calico Corners has many budget-friendly blue-and-whites but unfortunately their ikat is more slate blue with beige. Perhaps worth a look though.

MIMILEE said...

Wonderful images!.....Congrats on your Domino feature, Courtney....that's fabulous! I need to get a subscription to Domino....seems like a super mag!

Style Court said...

Thanks so much Mimi! I think you would enjoy a subscription to domino!

simply seleta said...

Be still my heart. As an avid English rider growing up, I am still drawn to the beauty and elegance of horse back riding and appreciating the graceful lines of these magnificent animals.

Thanks for sharing this, a must have for any design enthusiast. [I'm loving the long coat on the one woman on the black horse]

Style Court said...

Seleta, the gorgeous woman with the exposed legs on the horse is the first Mrs. Michael Douglas :)

You will love all of the amazing images related to horses in the SB book, and of course Kelly's book is perfect for the serious equine lover.

Karena said...

Courtney, just lovely and I agree about the blue & white Ikat it is gorgeous. Love Jackie K on her horse also!

Style Court said...

Glad you enjoyed this post Karena!

Ivy Lane said...

Talk about timeless.. Jackie is stunning...seems so effortless! The images are all beautiful. LOVE the modern home and that fire place!!

Cote de Texas said...

I am going to buy this right now. You've sold me on it!


Paul Pincus said...

santa barbara living! looks gorgeous. the fourth image down is heaven. you've sold me on it too ; )

i bet horse by kelly klein will become an instant her pools! cheers, courtney!

ps i know i'm late to the party, but congratulations on domino : )

Style Court said...

Joni -- I think Santa Barbara is right up your alley :)

Style Court said...

Paul -- thank you!

I think you are right, "Horse" is the new "Pools"

Style Court said...

Ivy -- the Jules Allen house is stunning!

beachbungalow8 said...

I love antique pieces in a bathroom.

porter hovey said...

I'll take the car in the first pic!

Style Court said...

Porter -- it has red leather seats too!

Megan -- yes, such a nice feature.

Renee Finberg said...

Wow, love this post.
I am an equestrian and competed against Kelly K. in Palm Beach @ Wellington.

Those are such great pics.
Love 'em .


Style Court said...

Oh interesting Renee, thanks for sharing. The book really is filled with an amazing array of images. Much more diverse than what I've captured here.

robyn pope said...

this is fabulous : )