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Those Makeovers Again

During the past few days I've received email inquiries about inspirational furniture makeovers. So for all of you who are new to this blog, here are some links you may appreciate. Last year I did a little guest blogging over at design*sponge, and several L.A.-based decorators generously shared "before" pictures of their projects to use in the series. One of the sofas included -- a Ruthie Sommers rescue, you might call it -- later appeared in Drew Barrymore's office. (Not the one pictured here. I'll let you discover it in the mix.)

Click below:
makeover set one

makeover set two

And here's a sneak peek: Next week when I'm guesting over at daily dose, I'll highlight textiles paired with varied styles of furniture as well as a Louisiana designer's beloved "forever" chairs; she sat in them as a kid when she watched The Brady Bunch, and she plans to one day take them along to the nursing home.

The fabric in image three is Kashmir Paisley. More on that to come.


beachbungalow8 said...

Ruthie Sommers amazes me. Anyone who can take what appears to be trash and create treasure is really a talent.

Love the little girls chair

Style Court said...

I enjoyed quickly revisiting these again tonight! Megan you are right, some of the before shots do appear to be trash.

cotedetexas said...

I SOOOOO remember that series! You know, sometimes I see something I posted last year and thing = I wish I could repost that. We should all institute Repeat Wed. haa!!!

I adore, just adore that pink sofa. sooo cute!!

Style Court said...

Repeat Wednesdays would be funny :)

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed it all

Style Court said...

DC -- I'm glad!

Anonymous said...

I am in LOVE with that pink sofa!!!!! oooohhh la la.