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Peter Beard on Auburn Avenue

Last holiday season I mentioned my interest in seeing one of the much coveted 2006 Collector's Edition books from Peter Beard. Since then Taschen has published a more affordable two-volume slipcased version, simply and appropriately titled, Peter Beard. Click here to learn more about it.

But if you want to journey deep into the world of Beard without buying any books, Atlanta's own Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture has several good titles, including the 1965 edition of The End of the Game.

The Auburn Avenue collection is non-circulating, so as I understand it books must be viewed on site and not borrowed.

All images shown here are courtesy Taschen.


Anonymous said...

This is a must have. Thank you for pointing it out. I've always been a fan of his work and his fountain pen stories. There was a lot of his work featured in Lee Radziwill's Happy Times.

Starting my Christmas shopping NOW.

Anonymous said...

amazon has this for preorder for $63 instead of $100 at Taschen!

Style Court said...

Halcyon -- nice to hear from another fan. Thanks for the price tip!

Paul Pincus said...

amazing post, courtney! my partner has a small peter beard work he picked up in the early nineties. i mention this (at the risk of sounding obnoxious) because back then his work was so very affordable! he paid about half the cost of one of his limited edition books!!!

ps the warhol diaries are a really fun read filled with funny / fascinating stories in andy warhol's words about peter beard, jackie onassis...that entire set!

Style Court said...

Paul -- sounds like your partner is a smart guy!

Thanks for the Warhol tip.

Anonymous said...

I am beyond excited to hear about the Peter Beard book! I am a HUGE fan, in fact, one of his collages is the wallpaper on my monitor at work!

Style Court said...

Oh good Design Babylon!

Mélanie said...

So funny to read a post about Peter , I ate the table right next to him 3 nights ago ! And I talked to him!
I collect photos and I want to buy one from him , right now he lives in a small provencal harbour called Cassis.
I should take him a picture , next time and write a post about him

Style Court said...

melanie! how exciting!