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L.A. Happenings, Atlanta News

A legion of celebrated designers are participating in a showhouse at the historic 1920s estate, Greystone. The house is scheduled to open for tours tomorrow, November 1, and the list of talents contributing includes: Mary McDonald, Tim Clarke, Nancy Goslee Power, Stephen Block, Michelle Nussbaumer, Peter Dunham, Ames Ingham,, Kathryn Ireland, Windsor Smith, Nathan Turner, Suzanne Rheinstein and so many other tastemakers. Mrs. Rheinstein will speak on November 9; her talk will be followed by a garden party from 2 to 4 p.m. For tickets and details click here.

Rheinstein photo is by Corey Walter for domino.

Also starting tomorrow, Hennessey Ingalls' annual sale. Twenty percent off all art and architecture titles, in store and online.

Update, November 1, 2008
Reader Michael was kind enough to send us a link to the LA Times coverage of Greystone.

Above, in the master sitting room, Michelle Nussbaumer used a pair of carved Chinese daybeds by Ceylon et Cie Portfolio and hand-painted Chinese wallpaper by Paul Montgomery Studio. Her design reminds me of an interior seen in the film, Vanity Fair. (Times photos by Gary Freidman.)

Image above is © Mira Nair, Vanity Fair: Bringing Thackeray's Timeless Novel to the Screen, Newmarket Press, 2004. See also the official site for Vanity Fair.

Above, Windsor Smith's master bath; below, peacocks in Tim Clarke's game room.

The showhouse is presented by Veranda.

Often I recommend a great source for Southeastern shoppers: Mandarin Antiques, located in Buckhead at 700 Miami Circle. It's a wonderful place to find lamps, garden stools, chests, and accessories, and for years it was open on Sundays. But no longer. Call to confirm holiday hours in December. (Image courtesy Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.)


Karena said...

Quite the lineup of designers! The showhouse must be fabulous. Courtney, I have finished my latest work or art. Let me know what you think. I wish I could be there for the sale!

Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney,

Thank you so much for the posting concerning Greystone, it's a marvelous home and it will be a very special backdrop against which to see such talented individuals and their work. It is an event that I will be fortunate enough to attend, and I'm very much looking forward to it. (I'm most excited to see Mary McDonald's design). I thought I might pass along to that several photo peaks are available to see through

I hope you don't mind me passing that along.

Style Court said...

Thanks Micheal! Just added the links.

Karena, thanks for letting me know.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Courtney - I was hoping pictures would surface. The day beds are fabulous. And, I wasn't expecting to, but I adore the peacocks. That's a lot of talent in one spot.

Style Court said...

I'm grateful to Michael for reminding us all to check the LA Times, and I adore the peacocks too.

Anonymous said...

Those daybeds! how fantastic to have a room that can back them up. I think it may be a bit much for my 10 by 12 family nook!

cotedetexas said...

Michelle N!!!! omg - what a room!!!! she's so fabulous, unreal - can't wait to see more. thanks for the peek!


The Peak of Chic said...

Fabulous! I wish we could all see it in person :)

beachbungalow8 said...

I'm so excited to check this out. H+I is an amazing candy shop of books. It's worth setting aside hours and hours.

Anonymous said...

i love that missoni fabric on the daybeds. does anyone know if that is missoni or is it something else????

Style Court said...

Good question -- I'm not certain yet.