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Inspiring Each Other

[Image via Megan Arquette]

Coleen Rider can play more than one note. That is why, I think, so many of us derive inspiration from her. We love her color sense, her eye for the details, and her appreciation for both achingly pretty old things and harder-edged modern finds.

While the vignettes she composes for her shop are informed by decorating masters of the past, she always brings her own soulful California perspective to the mix. (Recent blog buzz about her new showroom has come from Megan and Jennifer.) Coleen nods to what is fashionable yet never jumps on the trend bandwagon.

Last holiday season when I saw the boutique owner's lush Christmas card, we began a conversation about her creative process with the idea that it might lead to a blog post. And this summer when Megan snapped a picture of Coleen's personal inspiration board, my imagination was sparked again so we chatted a little more.

Now Coleen is launching a creative feature for her site where she shares virtual concept boards designed to inspire visitors. First up: Moss Green and Aubergine starring Peter Dunham's textiles. The mood is woodsy and English, complete with a stately antique dog painting. Dunham's Indian-inspired fabrics add the fresh spice.

For me, Coleen's flair comes in with the addition of the the red pagoda vitrine. Others might have stuck only with purples and greens -- she knew red would vibrate here.

Soon I'll be back with words from Coleen about the direction she took for fall. In the meantime, whether you want to browse her furnishings and art, get ideas for a color scheme for your living room, or see Coleen's approach to mixing textures and patterns, be sure to check out the new Looks page. Much effort has been made to identifying all the sources.

BTW: If you are obsessed with dog portraits, click here.


Mrs. Blandings said...

Courtney - What a wonderful idea - and how great that you have made a new friend. I adore the benches, but the concrete ottoman is all things good. Classic with a twist. I subscribed for updates on the spot.

Style Court said...

Patrica, yes the upside of blogs -- getting to know all sorts of fascinating people in design :)

Everyone seems to love those ottomans.

MIMILEE said...

Wonderful blog today !!! I am so inspired!


Style Court said...

mimilee -- so glad you liked it!

katiedid said...

Thanks for the tip Courtney. I had fun catching up over at thier site today. :)