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Inspiring Each Other II

As I mentioned the other day, Coleen Rider, owner of Coleen & Company, is looking ahead and looking back; she doesn't want her shop to feel like a trendy boutique and she enjoys studying masters from the past like John Fowler. So for fall she went in the classic English direction.

She explains, "This fall we are craving rich and regal colors. We are soon releasing our upholstery line and everything will be offered in velvets and linens. I love the Peter Dunham textiles because they are the perfect foil for fancy. The exoticism and the unexpected color range keep everything from looking over-decorated and too new. They work so well with antiques because they have a vintage feel."

In terms of her general concept, Coleen adds, "I am also a decorator and I thought of a room I could put together for a client who liked the Colefax & Fowler look but wanted it updated for today and I think that freshness comes in with the color combination and the Dunham textiles."

The Colefax & Fowler wallcovering was chosen because: "It's organic and playful with the little fern sprigs and you cannot go wrong with stripes. To me it has a nurturing feel and you can't go wrong with that in any season."

The dogs also certainly add warmth and set the tone. Coleen says, "The painting is just so beautiful. My favorite time with my dog is when she just chills out and watches everything and that's what these dogs are doing."

And the unexpected element? Coleen notes, "The red pagoda cabinet is from the 1940's. I think it's a statement piece and yet very versatile. I can see it in a living room filled with a collection of antique boxes or a powder room with vintage perfume bottles and folded up fluffy white hand towels for guests. You were so right when you said the vitrine makes the scene vibrate. I think when a scheme is thrown off a little bit, that's when the magic happens."

Wouldn't it be the ultimate in a bathroom for The Peak of Chic?


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I love your site. You have such a great eye. I was hoping you could refer me to a store/showroom in LA similar in style to Pieces in Atlanta. Many thanks!

Style Court said...

Hi Anon -- thank you.

Well, I'll probably get in trouble for not making a long enough list :) But Turquoise in Venice Beach has many similar vintage items, and you may know of Chapman Radcliff.

Some of Coleen's pieces you should see -- she has a range of things.

Also for more modern or industrial try Imperic -- let me check the spelling on that, maybe Emperic.

Style Court said...

Style Court said...


7918 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 634-7323

Mrs. Blandings said...

Loved seeing her inspiration for our inspiration. The C&F books is one of the best. In my humble opinion.

Style Court said...

I love the book too Patricia!

Unknown said...

It's just lovely.