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Participating in a Trend

If Anthropologie and J Crew are good barometers, peacocks (both the creature and the blue-green hues) are still a strong presence this fall. When a motif you truly like happens to be "in," and you want to incorporate it into your home, vintage finds can be a great way to do this without worrying about collecting objects that will look "over" by the next season.

Sometimes functional pieces like this brass dish engraved with a subtle peacock (I know that's a bit of an oxymoron) work especially well. Just a tip if you're hitting the flea markets this weekend. Be sure to always ask your grandmother about anything she might have stashed in the attic too.

Necklace, J Crew, brass bowl, High Street Market.

Can't get enough peacocks? Click here.


Anonymous said...

These colors are so Turkish,,, I thought you you were going to say Turkey was in Vogue!

Style Court said...

They are! And Turkish style has been so in the news-- design news. Good point :)

pve design said...

Just yesterday, my daughter found not 1 but 2 peacock feathers and I thought of designing my fall wardrobe around them. I love the way blue and green give a groovy vibe. My grandmother had a fabulous enamel peacock pendant.

Style Court said...

Patricia -- sounds like you are set for fall! What a great thing your daughter found.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Let's hope that peacocks don't become passe since they are here to stay at Peacock Pavilions:) Hope you are well, Courtney.

Style Court said...

Yes, definitely Maryam!1