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More Brass, More India

Brass is having a moment. Indian style is having a moment. So I can't resist sharing these large, heavy brass, vintage Indian lamps with colorful inlay in hot pink, red, and green. Just another of Coleen Rider's chic finds.

Again, be sure to visit Megan or Jennifer for tours of the new Coleen & Company showroom.


Anonymous said...

Seeing this Indian brass reminds me of my parent's Indian brass candlesticks. They received them in 1956 as a wedding gift. Somehow, they are not anywhere to be found. My Mom may have given them away before she died, but I don't think so. At any rate, this has reminded me of them, and they have so many of the same details in them, that I am committed to finding some like them! The lamp is beautiful. Gives me pangs of regret seeing how pretty it is. I've GOT to find some!

Style Court said...

Kevin -- hope you do find something. I think all of these vintage treasures for sale bring back memories for many of us. Although no one in my family had lamps as cool as this :)