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Kelly's Passion

A few weeks ago, I promised you a mini-interview with designer Kelly Robson. Since then I've developed a slight obsession with her recently launched shop, High Street Market, and have become even more curious about Kelly's passion for vintage pieces. Today she generously took time to share a bit about her interests.

Why old things? She responds:

"I have always loved and respected vintage home accessories. My grandmother has fabulous taste, and I admire her style and ability to actually use antique items on a daily basis (to this day, we still drink out of the pink wine glasses she inherited from my great-grandparents).

"Antique items bring a sense of personality and interest to your home unlike any other new accessory can," Kelly adds, explaining her belief that vintage objects can help define your personal style.

"Bottom line, you won't find them in other people's homes -- they are uniquely yours. It may sound creepy to others, but I always wonder who owned the item before me; why did they buy it, what was going on at the time..."

What do you look for? What inspires you?

"Living in Los Angeles, and my work in interior design, definitely inspired me to look at objects in new ways. I tend to gravitate towards things with a great shape, intricate detailing, or bold color. "

" I am really into brass animals right now (I can't explain it), mid-century barware, and any unique serving piece. Nothing could be more fun than entertaining your friends, and serving them a cocktail out of mid-century glassware. But, there is so much out there, it is sometimes hard to edit. For every thing I buy, I have passed about 99 pieces of junk. So, I only buy what I like.

Since moving from Los Angeles to the Northeast, I have found myself addicted to the flea markets here. It's really become a hobby, so why not turn it into something productive? Plus, there is no way I could possibly keep everything that I purchase."

Kelly is a talented artist and does wonderful sketches of old houses. Her logo is a drawing inspired by the collection of "truly amazing Victorian homes in our neighborhood." She says, "Coming from California, I am not used to such detailed architecture. I thought [the drawing] would be fun as the logo -- it is a symbol of home and a representation of where I now live."

All items shown here are from High Street Market.


Anonymous said...

love her taste and her shop! i ordered the fun 'a kiss a day keeps the lawyer away' sign a few weeks ago, thanks to your post!

would love all of that barware, too. so glam!

Style Court said...


That was such a fun sign. Kelly just finds the best stuff -- both elegant and a little humorous.

Anonymous said...

i am in love with high street market! i always want to buy everything. kelly has great taste and definitely hand picks the best items. what great finds!

Style Court said...

Anon, I always want to buy everything too. Speaking of her taste, I love the Brunschwig & Fils fabric on the little foot stool.

katiedid said...

What a wonderful interview! I agree with her about having unique pieces with a history lending that personal touch to a space. Thanks Courtney!

Style Court said...

Thanks for stopping by Katie! I'm sure you are kindred spirits on this issue.

simply seleta said...

This is so great. Stories like these warm my heart. Great finds!

Style Court said...

Seleta--glad you enjoyed it.

Visual Vamp said...

Great interview! I especially liked her lovely reference to her grandmother as being a big part of the formation of her style. I feel the same way about my grandmother, and it started a life long enjoyment of collecting and loving old things.

Style Court said...

VV-- I liked Kelly's examples too. Sounds like you have a lot in common.

The Houseplant Chronicles said...

I've checked out High Street Market on etsy and it's a great shop! I have a vintage home decor shop on etsy as well and I find we have pretty similar tastes! I totally agree with her on the fact that vintage items do define a specific taste for its owner. I wonder about its history too. : )

Style Court said...

Hi Mina -- thanks for the intro!