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Janet's Grand Tour

This summer Janet Blyberg was on a grand tour of English country houses. Click here to read her impressions of Petworth, a stately home with a Capability Brown-landscaped deer park that was immortalized in the paintings of JMW Turner. Janet always provides the best links to related museum collections and exhibitions. For example, her link to the Tate's collection of works from Turner’s early career is so helpful.

The Tate explains that, aside from the financial benefits, Turner's commissions involving Petworth gave him access to some of the most important old master paintings at a time when there was no National Gallery.

Just to play the art history version of the Kevin Bacon game, Janet and Emily Eerdmans, author of the upcoming Regency Redux, were Attingham classmates! And of course Jennifer gave us a wonderful preview of that title a while back.

Shown above, The Red Room 1827, Joseph Mallord William Turner,
Gouache and watercolour on paper


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thank you for visiting Edward and me today. I do love your blog and appreciate the info about Janet's. I look forward to reading her impressions of some of my favorite British places. Happy day to you!

Style Court said...

Pamela, it was my pleasure. Thanks for the kind words. Edward is adorable.

I think you will enjoy Janet's series.

Janet said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the whirlwind Attingham tour...and you are so sweet to mention it here. What an honor! Cheers and xo.

Style Court said...

Janet it was a treat. The link to the Tate is wonderful!

Pigtown*Design said...

Janet is one of the NICEST people I've met! Amazingly talented gal!

Style Court said...

she is brilliant. the person to go to with a research question.

Anonymous said...

And the person to go to for a cold drink and some hot gossip. xo KDM

LUCY said...

Have you heard about this show?
The image from this post reminded me of it. It looks like a lovely exhibition. The catalogue comes out in a couple of weeks.
Best, Lucy

Style Court said...

Hi Lucy -- I have indeed! For some reason I thought maybe Peak of Chic wrote about it already, and it was in Elle Decor I believe, so that's why I have not mentioned it :)

annechovie said...

Love this piece by Turner, Courtney!