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Always In: Silver and Jaguar-Print

Plenty of designers see animal-prints as neutrals. Charleston-based Amelia Handegan is among them but uses these patterns in a supremely refined way. She seems to favor jaguar-print chairs and in the September-October Southern Accents she says they "go with everything." I always enjoy how Handegan punctuates her classic interiors with small doses of the irregular spots.

The Handegan-designed home that appears in SA's latest issue has caused me to eat my words about full silver services not appearing in magazines anymore; an exquisite French turn-of-the-century version is prominently displayed in the King Street dining room. Note how the absence of a rug highlights the beauty of the black chinoiserie chairs and keeps the room's formality in check.

It's typical of Handegan to keep things from getting fussy. Even with the arrangement shown at top she eschews flowers in favor of all-green foliage to show off a special silver vase.

[Images one, two and four are by Pieter Esthersohn, courtesy Southern Accents]


Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Oh, I loved this house too!! So beautifully done! And I agree with her, I think a little animal print is nice.

I was pouring over this magazine last night. I loved the light green on the walls here, but didn't see the color listed in the sources.

The whole issue was great in my opinion!

Style Court said...

Yes, a really great issue Riley. I loved all the Charleston references and the Charlotte house too. Plus they ran that Gambrel room at the back :)