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The Details

I'll admit I'm drawn to small paintings because it's so easy to enjoy them in all sorts of settings; they are portable and work on top of chests, on a console, as part of a larger grouping, and here in Kristen Panitch's effortlessly chic L.A. home, in a window.

Last year Kate wrote about the Panitch house and its refreshingly restrained scale, so I won't post all of my own tear sheets here. But I want to draw attention to the homeowner and designer's flair for arranging objects. Hope it inspires a little weekend experimenting.

BTW: Gerard Colcord is the architect originally responsible for the Panitch house. Click images to enlarge. Elle Decor, June 2005, photos by Grey Crawford (but I've cropped them!)

Mrs. Blandings reminded me about another vignette we both admire; a wonderful use of a small painting propped in front of a mirror. She kindly shared her tear sheet. It is believed to be from SA, circa late 90s.

And an afterthought: Schuyler Samperton's mix -- a precious painting with photographs on a vanity -- is such a favorite. In Style, spring 2005.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

yah! thanks for giving credit to the architect!

Mrs. Blandings said...

The birds' nests in those canisters is one of the most charming things I have ever seen. Ever. I am stealing that when our resident mourning doves move South. (The boys call them "love doves" as they are never far apart. They nest in the enclosure by our back door and seem quite undisturbed by Rosie and the rest.)

Style Court said...

Patricia -- the Blandings home always sounds so idyllic. Not perfect, I get it, but so charming.

Architect Design -- thanks for noticing :)

LINDA from Each Little World said...

Thanks Mrs. Blandings. I agree about the birds' nests. I have two from earlier this season that I took out of my hedge after the birds had flown. Most of my other nests and natural objects fit in the drawers of an old library card catalog unit. But these two are two big and and have been waiting for me to find them a permanent home. Now I just have to find the jars!! (The mirror looks great but I am always pulling books off the shelf and it would drive me crazy).

Anonymous said...

Delight in the details!! makes a house a home. My favorite nest resides on my mantle filled with the marble eggs brought by a daughter from Italy. The mass of white stoneware across the surface pales by comparison. My outdoor tables are filled with the rocks that my grandsons collect from the yard. When I see your lovely reminds me of my favorite things. Ginny

Style Court said...

Ginny and Ms. Wis --

It always sounds like you both have homes filled with special, meaningful things. Thanks for sharing.

beachbungalow8 said...

i love the tiny treasure of a small painting. and you can find them so many places. there are several really fine artists who do paintings a day that one can purchase.

framed in a great gilt frame and it adds such a sparkle to any room.

LOVE those bird nests. i would have never thought of that.