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Buckley Chic

Suzanne Karotkin, Senior Design Editor at InStyle, recently visited the William F. Buckley apartment in Manhattan. Some classic elements that caught her eye included thick, Old School silver picture frames and lush red walls. Here's what she shared with me:

"In both fashion and home, 80's inspired silver accessories are my new favorite. In a chunky, exaggerated form nothing could be more modern to me at the moment. My key piece of jewelry for fall: the Wonder Woman strength statement cuff. (See Vogue's "equal opportunity" story in the August issue.) And out of almost everything I saw at the famed Buckley Manhattan residence, these picture frames were my must-have.

They peppered a round entryway table and were filled with beloved family photos. Like the cuffs, I love the proportion and how they render an otherwise conservative element very contemporary. (I think too they remind me of my affinity for 80's power decorator Jay Spectre.)"

Regarding the red walls, she adds, "I often forget just how chic tonal moments can be -- especially when paired with an utterly classic color -- and this portrait in the Buckley home could not illustrate the point more."


The Peak of Chic said...

I just love those red walls. There are some fun vintage photos of the Buckley residence in the Keith Irvine book.

Style Court said...

Jennifer, thanks for the reminder!

Mrs. Blandings said...

You're preaching to the choir! You know I adore this look and a dose of red to boot.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Red walls and silver frames. You're playing my song. In fact, silver everywhere.... but the polishing! At least one is rewarded by the cheering gleam.

pve design said...

I wonder why in an election year, red always seems to come on strong. I vote for RED!

Paul Pincus said...

An American Family: The Buckleys by Reid Buckley (William's brother) is one of the best books I've read this year.

It's unputdownable : )

a brief description below...

The Buckley name is synonymous with a unique brand of conservatism -- marked by merciless reasoning, wit, good humor, and strong will. Self-made oil tycoon William F. Buckley, Sr., of Texas, and his Southern belle wife, Aloise Steiner Buckley, of New Orleans, raised a family of ten whose ideals would go on to shape the traditionalist revival in American culture.

But their family history is anything but conventional. Begun in Mexico (until their father was expelled) and set against a diverse inter-national background (the children's first languages were Spanish and French) with colorful guest stars (such as Pancho Villa, and Norman Mailer), theirs was a life built on self-reliance, hard work, belief in God, and respect for all. It is no wonder the family produced nationally recognizable figures such as columnist and commentator William, Jr., New York Times bestselling satirist Christopher, and New York senator James.

With charm and candor, youngest son Reid, himself the founder of the Buckley School of Public Speaking in South Carolina, tells the enormously engaging and entertaining -- sometimes outrageous -- story of a family that became the mainstay of right-wing belief in our politics and culture. An American Family is an epic memoir that at once will appeal to conservatives, liberals, and moderates alike.