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Working In Style: Karen Carroll

Southern Accents Editor in Chief, Karen Carroll, candidly admits that her office desk is usually buried under layouts, product catalogs, and scouting shots (she ascribes to the "cluttered desk is the sign of a creative mind" philosophy) but she is currently obsessed with Mad Men and loves the whole idea of glasses and decanters at the ready. Since these days all that gin and scotch is frowned upon, she would however have to sub in sweet tea and lemonade.

[Black glass and nickel plated brass tray from Mecox]

[Sterling tray from Tiffany]

One gracious touch Karen does maintain in the office is a silver tray for stashing business cards (a la the old calling card idea in the front hall). If you want to emulate Karen, here are a few varied examples, most in the eight to eleven inch range. Note the Mecox tray shown above is larger and scaled for glasses or decanters.

Pewter from Williams Sonoma

Silver plate from Madison

Silver plate from Ralph Lauren

Stainless and galvanized options, scaled for barware and priced under $40, from Crate & Barrel

Calling cards are from Crane


Paul Pincus said...

i really love the black glass and nickel plated brass tray. i've always loved black's beautiful! do you know if french jet is the same as black glass? thank you, courtney! cheers.

Style Court said...

Hi Paul -- good question! I'm not sure at the moment.

GrannySmithGreen said...

Oh, you have all of my favorites: Southern Accents Magazine, Carolina Herrera, Edna Lewis, Bunnny Williams, Charoltte Moss, etc. I'm having the best time reading! For a little blog fun, if you have time, I have tagged you. Please visit my blog for the details. Thanks and keep up the great writing!

Style Court said...

Granny Smith Green -- thanks for the intro. I'll stop by.

simply seleta said...

I love her silver tray idea. Old traditions in new applications are a fun way of remembering yesteryear. I wish we still had calling cards, it would be fun. Hmmm, I see a post in the works thanks to your inspiration!


Style Court said...

Seleta -- can't wait to see what you come up with. Jen Altman has done "mommy cards" through her graphic design business.

Annie Crowninshield said...

I carry the black glass and nickel Longham Gallery Tray also and have to say, I can't keep them in stock! They are wildly popular. My favorites though are the vintage trays we find which I don't put on our website because they are never in our inventory long enough. Trays are beautiful and useful. An accessory fav!

Style Court said...

Annie -- thanks for letting me know.

Alkemie said...

I absolutely LOVE the tray from Tiffany's!


Mrs. Blandings said...

Courtney - Mr. B's mom has a sterling calling card tray with a fretwork edge that I sometimes borrow and always forget to return on the first pass. She always remembers.

Style Court said...

the fretwork edge sounds so beautiful!