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Something Red, Something Shabby III

Imperial Yellow silk curtains are the star of this Michael Smith-designed room in L.A. but bits of red -- in striped chairs and in pillow fabric -- add a great counterpoint. (I think the yellow silk was Smith's rare Billy Haines moment.) The gorgeous mellow rug could be interpreted as the shabby element praised by Lady Duff.

More L.A. stories with red and time-worn pieces: Above, Peter Dunham's home. The red desk is a personal favorite.

It may take a second glance to catch the red in the image. In a room with a pink-and-white-and-red stripe sofa, Suzanne Rheinstein has placed a pagoda with a red cast next to an urn with a beautifully worn patina. There are red pillows on the sofa too.

All images are from Rizzoli's Hollywood Style


The Peak of Chic said...

I just love that pink, white, and red striped print on the Rheinstein sofa!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Courtney - I'm really seeing von Kersting's influence in the Smith room, you? Of course, I adore the yellow curtains.

Style Court said...

Patricia -- good point. It is much less busy than von Kersting but the red stripes and multi-colored floral fabric used for pillows is so her. I'm sure we think of her when we see yellow and red together too :)

Jennifer -- I love that sofa too!

TonicHome said...

That red desk is really great. Love the pop of color.

simply seleta said...

The red desk takes my heart.

pve design said...

Here in Paris where red, or "rouge" is such a classic accent with "joie de vivre"
I love red accents with "heart."

girl meets glamour said...

I am just loving all this red inspiration, that desk in Peter Dunham's home is a fav of mine too!


Topsy Turvy said...

That Peter Dunham room is one of my all-time favorites.