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Reading Rainbow

In response to the recent "tear-sheet" post, some readers inquired about binders and color choices. I have one group of red cloth-covered notebooks as well as sets of brown, just because those shades work in the rooms where I use them (and I have a penchant for red books). But the image above, with a true rainbow of binders, has always appealed to me too.

When Kate Spade was the subject of a House & Garden profile, bookshelves -- and this picture in particular -- were highlighted as one of her favorite things; a component in her domestic bliss. I'm inspired by the freedom to use "office-y" notebooks on elegant shelves, and the vibrant mix reminds me of Taschen's domus volumes.

At the brick-and-mortar Sam Flax Atlanta, binders are available in an array of brights and neutrals. Oversized clear sleeves (helpful for those generously scaled European or Elle Decor tear-sheets) are available online. For in-store options, I would call to confirm. A little reminder: some of the large sleeves may require an extra big binder. For varied sizes also try Binder Finder.


please sir said...

Love the library - so unique

The Peak of Chic said...

Courtney- My binders and boxes are red too- I just couldn't resist. But I too like that variety of color in the photo above. It's certainly interesting to look at, which is also why I love to keep the dust jackets on my books. Some people might see a cacophony of color, but I love seeing a sea of multi colors.

Style Court said...

Jennifer -- I can't believe we both have red! Well, sounds like you smartly stuck with all red though for more punch.

I love the cacophony too.

Style Court said...

Please Sir -- glad you like it.

Visual Vamp said...

Color is stimulating - it makes me run faster on the hamster wheel. I store things in red boxes and red binders, and my book room/office is red too. Whew, I'm worn out! It's my birthday today & I'm treating myself by reading all my favorite blogs.

Style Court said...

Happy Birthday VV!! I'm flattered you stopped by.