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China at Harewood

Harewood House is celebrating its ties to the arts of China. As expected for a grand 18th-century English home, Harewood is filled with objects acquired through the East India Company. One of the most exceptional items is hand-painted Chinese wallpaper. Twenty rolls of it were found stashed in an outbuilding on the estate in the late 1980s. Today experts feel the paper is perhaps "the finest example of Chinese wallpaper anywhere in the World," and after tedious conservation it was recently hung in the house's East Bedroom. Detailed images and interesting video are available on Harewood's site.

Image above © 2007-2008 Harewood House Trust Ltd

Update 7.08.08
When I posted this I did not yet have the July World of Interiors. Be sure to see the issue for a lavish spread on the wallpaper


Anonymous said...

Exquisite! I've been reading your blog for sometime now (thanks to my daughter) and through your blogroll I've connected with other wonderful design related blogs. What a dedicated group you and your fellow bloggers are! You give so much pleasure to many, many lurkers! With many of my "real" friends away on this holiday week-end I was thrilled to find that you're at home and providing your fans with such lovely postings. Thank you!

Style Court said...

S.Adler -- how kind of you! I truly appreciate your comments and I'm glad you've enjoyed these recent posts. The wallpaper is amazing :)

Meander said...

Harewood is one of the few English Country Houses that I've visited that I actually haven't blogged about. I must do so and soon! This wallpaper is gorgeous! As always, thanks so much for all your exquisite posts. Have a lovely weekend!

Style Court said...

Hi Meander,

Thanks for stopping by! How wonderful that you've been there. So much to savor. Have a great weekend.