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Boxes in Boxes

After mentioning the wedding countdown project, I remembered another boxes-within-box gift from my past. When I was very little and undergoing surgery, Momo sent me a large box filled with numbered presents to open each day during my hospital stay. At the time it seemed thrilling. The concept definitely translates well to an adult's birthday week (like Robert Harling's presentation to Julia Reed) .

For the constant decorator, a leather-cased John Rabone & Sons tape measure from Old Tools (try eBay for something similar) would be nice accompanied by a vintage magazine from Paper Pursuits. With budget in mind, Gifts for Professionals offers an alternative: simple-chic little leather tape measures for $15. Colors not pictured include Kelly green, aqua and orange.

iGavel has exquisite antique goodies for an adult care package, such as this Chinese porcelain yellow-glazed Anhua-decorated dragon bowl, and the Asian parcel-gilt bronze figure of an Indian elephant (both now sold).

I also still really like the idea of a brass giraffe (can do double duty as a jewelry holder as shown above at Providence) accompanied by a copy of Zarafa (see this past post).

If you like the idea of simply tucking notes, tickets or other tiny treasures into the matchboxes shown at top, (I used Hermes ribbon for a fashionable twist) here are some possible options in which to present twelve days worth.

Above, vintage willow Chinese hat boxes from Mecox Gardens. Below, also from Mecox, canvas with brown leather storage boxes.

Ruzzetti and Gow

Plantation Home, Los Angeles

Kate's Paperie

Or of course, you could always use one of these.


Mrs. Blandings said...

As all my friends have recently turned 40, I'm racking my brain to think of someone to do this for. Mr. B, of course, but his day is 1/2 the year away. I'm so sorry for your childhood hospital stay, but glad you had someone so special on your side. Leave it to you to detail the charming gift.

Style Court said...

Hmm...Patricia, what about the anniversary of your first month dating?

Mrs. Blandings said...

Would you believe our first date was Valentine's Day? and that it was a coincidence?

Style Court said...

Patricia -- very cool! But too far off for right now :(

please sir said...

So much great eye candy - thanks for the round-up!

Unknown said...

I am not fan of Hermes I just bought a bracelet ( i can not find it, maybe I lost it)but the boxes are pure beauty.

cotedetexas said...

Aw,what a sweet, sweet grandmother you must have (had?) - it makes me sad to think of you having surgery! lovely post from a lovely girl.


Style Court said...

oh thanks Joni. Wasn't trying to be soppy btw, just part of the story:)

Anonymous said...

Ruzzetti and Gow please for me! Great boxes! They just spark my imagination!

Style Court said...

Please Sir, Karina and Elaine B --

So glad you like the boxes!

Anonymous said...

I just love when everyday, ordinary things are made beautiful. I love all the boxes you pictured. And the notebooks! You really pick up on every detail and appreciate beauty. Thanks for pointing out the little things! You remind me that it's possible to live an elegant life even when I can't afford the bigger luxuries I pine after in all these magazines!

Style Court said...

Oh Anon -- what a beautiful comment. Thanks. Finding beauty in the little things is what I aim for, so glad you noticed :)

cotedetexas said...

oh - you weren't soppy at all! in fact, you were very matter of fact about it. you must have been a very stoic little girl - still are! nope, not soppy at all!

I am loving your tear sheets essays. It's inspiring me. I only wish I was so organized. Maybe I should hire someone like you did to snip and put things in plastic pages. It's just that my niece is only 3 weeks old!

It's funny you mentioned the edges because I have noticed sometimes in pictures I've gotten off your blog - the scanned ones - sometimes the edges aren't straight!!!! I've actually noticed that! omg - we have to get a life, dont'you think? When talking about tear sheets and filing systems and edges is actually very interesting - too funny.

you know, for a long time, I wanted to be a librarian. Did you ever want that yourself? I used to always work in the library at school instead of taking study hall. I liked to read the old magazines in the back room and I liked to stamp the library card. stamp stamp stamp - loved that part! omg - sorry to rant and rave.

Style Court said...

Joni -- my tears are notoriously crooked because I use an X-acto knife and sometimes it just rips the paper!!

In college my friends called me the Library of Congress for Vogues. But I'll have to say I never considered being a librarian :)

cotedetexas said...

oh - that's why - but that's a good way to get them out without those huge rips that happen when you just tear the pages out, like moi. I'll have to try a x-acto myself. great idea!