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Book of the Week and Other Updates

[Shown above, Stem cup with dragon motif, Min dynasty, mark and period of Hung-chih (r. 1488-1505) Porcelain with yellow and green enamel glaze, National Palace Museum, Taipei. Image © National Palace Museum, Taipei.]

If you've been reading the August Vogue, you may have noticed that an adventurous spirit in her 90s mentions a favorite book, The Odyssey of China's Imperial Art Treasures, and says, "It's like a paper chase -- it ought to be a movie." I'm intrigued and plan to add it to my list of books to read before summer ends.

For everyone interested in Clint Smith's fall lecture, Love The House You Live In: Personal Decorating, Atlanta Style, at Emory University, October 23 from 7 - 8:30 p.m., online registration should be available the first week of August. In the meantime, contact Josh Kim at (404) 727-5519. Course catalogs should be in homes within the next two weeks, according to Emory.

[Smith image via 1stdibs]


The Peak of Chic said...

Thanks for the book tip Courtney! Just added it to my ever growing list :)

Alkemie said...

Courtney, you are always in the know! The museum in Taipei you mentioned has gorgeous and priceless items that were saved during the Cultural Revolution in China that would have otherwise been destroyed. Great picks!

Style Court said...

Oh Karen, that means a lot coming from you -- thanks!

And Jennifer, this title made me think of you too.

Laura said...

I read the article on Mrs McCain--wouldn't you just love to sit next to her at a dinner party?!?

Style Court said...

Laura -- yes!