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Summer Berries

Cool blues certainly speak summer but I'm also drawn to luscious ripe berry-reds paired with cream or white. (Sometimes I like grape shades and earthy browns in the mix too.) The chair above and the chairs below are wearing tailored summer slipcovers designed by Dan Carithers, photographed years ago on the Swan House lawn by Cheryl Dalton for Southern Accents. The fabrics swatches are from Schumacher. Shown below the chunky beads are "Griffin Flower Print" in Berry followed by "Randolph Leopard" in Ruby, and "Palampore Block Print" in Cinnabar.

So many of Dan Carithers' former assistants, including Mallory Mathison and Lee Kleinhelter, have gone on to do great things in Atlanta design. Above are Caroline Ritter and Mary Elizabeth Stevenson from the past Southern Accents feature.

Below, reds mixed with lush leafy greens and turquoise at Providence Antiques.

See the marbleized books? To achieve a similar look DIY, check out the selection of art paper at Binders.

The Bavarian Fresh Fruit shown at top is available from Alon's, across the street from Providence.


Pigtown*Design said...

Those roses are the most extraordinary colour!

Style Court said...

I was happy to find them -- Whole Foods :)

cotedetexas said...

I love this post!!!! I saved that article too, years ago. It's so funny when people show an article you cut out yourself so many years ago. I once did a room for a client with a raspberry colored main fabric - it's one of my favorite rooms.

Aren't those chairs just gorgeous. So so so beautiful. He's the main man. I'm crazy about Mr. C.

SimplyGrove said...

I want to eat that berry dessert right now!!!

Style Court said...

Joni -- thought you would like the Carither's part :)

Mélanie said...

I love all these fabrics ! on the Louis XVI armchair I recognize , a fabric from Braquenié I love and I use a lot and I like very much this pattern because it has a lot of coordinates to match with

Style Court said...

Melanie -- so glad you like it!