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Last Weekend

Frida Kahlo: Through the Lens of Nickolas Muray is in its final days at Savannah's Telfair Museum and will close Sunday, June 15. Last month in all the discussion about Lulu's new book, Kahlo's name came up because of her sense of color and her self portraits. So I thought some of you in the Savannah area might want to cool off inside the Telfair galleries and enjoy the exhibition before it is gone. The show highlights photographs by Hungarian born photographer Nickolas Muray that capture the electric hues and patterns of Kahlo’s Tehuana costume.

[Savannah's Owens-Thomas House, shown top, was highlighted in a recent post and is one of three main buildings that comprise the Telfair arts complex -- although not the site of the Kahlo show. Still, the brilliant emerald shutters on the English Regency house remind me of the verdant green backdrop in the Kahlo portrait shown here. Owens-Thomas image is courtesy Joel Abroad.]


Anonymous said...

We went to the show here at Moma yesterday that featured her art circa 1930-50's. it's the second time I've seen it, the first at the Tate. I believe I like her more this time, it may have been the fabulous blk & wht photo's of her stay in SF, marriage license etc. You would have enjoyed it too. : ) Hope you're well.

Style Court said...

it sounds great robyn :) thanks for stopping by.