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Have an Adventurous Weekend

Image © Artisan

Sandy Hill knows how to savor the outdoors. You've probably already seen the party above in her book Fandango. But did you know about her Tibetan tent?

Leave it to Hill to have in her Connecticut garden her own private handworked tent purchased from Tibetan craftsmen en route to Mount Everest. The tent was featured in Chris Madden's 1997 book, A Room of her Own.

Just for fun, and because I seem to have an unapologetic obsession with exotically decked-out elephants, here are more illustrations by Virginia Johnson from the May issue of Vogue Japan.


driftwood shack said...

I love this tent! It reminds my of old silent movies in the 30's with Arabian princes and ornate cushions scattered across the floor-so sumptious!

Style Court said...

Driftwood -- it is romantic!

pve design said...

Tents, elephants, trunks are so inspirational! The illustrations are positively perfect.

Mélanie said...

I would love to have a party like that

Mélanie said...

I would love to have a party like that

breathing in the dreaming world said...

I love this magical tent.
Great illustrations also.
Thanks for another wonderful post.

Style Court said...

breathing -- thanks for stopping by.

My Notting Hill said...

Love these illustrations - so charming.