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Raising Free Thinkers

In her new book Lulu DK explains how her mom sparked her curiosity and creativity, always encouraging the DK kids to be original and expressive. So I asked Lulu about some of the art and activities she hopes to share with her own sons.

Is there an artist who will be introduced early on? Lulu says, "Yes! I am a huge fan of Henri Rousseau. I love the dreamy jungle life and animal stories that he creates. And of course the colors and textures that draw you into the painting."

Above, Henri Rousseau's Tropical Forest with Monkeys, 1910. Image courtesy National Gallery of Art.

Hands-on arts and crafts? "Yes, yes and yes!" she replied, "I loved finger painting -- mushy, messy colors squishing between my fingers and the paper. Thought it was the best (really not so different from what I am doing now with the collages). I am sure I will have them participate in the collages too. I am also a huge fan of using nature to create things -- windchimes or sculptures, or paper-weights -- so I will definitely bring them to the beach and gardens to start collecting."

First books? Lulu says, "I found Dr. Seuss' books to be a bit scary when I was little, but My Many Colored Days is about brightly colored animals. It is really fun and rhymes ( I am a big fan of rhyming) and the Giving Tree is also a great book. I actually love children's books and wrote one a few years ago which was never published...perhaps I will test the book's credibility on the boys and see how it passes."

Surroundings? "I have only ever been able to look at all our baby things from afar and now I can actually use them, so I am very excited." (Lulu's new line for Matouk just launched.) And she adds, "David Netto very kindly gave me as a wedding present two of his amazing cribs. I think the two boys will be starting off their lives with a bang!"

Travel? "I'm a true believer in family roots," she says, "so I want them to be aware of and close to all the places that impacted my husband and me as children: Bahamas, the Hamptons and Italy."

Luggage image via J Crew.

Top image is from Lulu, published by Ammo 2008.


cotedetexas said...

I love the angle you took here - relating her new book to her babies. Very insightful answers! And good idea to buy two = wouldn't the pages make a great wallpaper in a nursery?

great introduction to the book. keep up the good work, as usual.

Style Court said...

Hey Joni,

Thanks for the positive words. I appreciate it, and I know Lulu does too. She poured a lot of herself into this book :)


The Peak of Chic said...

I like that for someone who travels the world, she holds family roots dear.

Style Court said...

Jennifer, me to :)

Paul Pincus said...

What a great interview, Courtney!

I love, love, love the title of your post (Raising Free Thinkers) and all the things you covered with Lulu De two seem like kindred spirits.

I haven't heard of My Many Coloured Days by Dr. Seuss...I'm off to find a copy @ Amazon (hopefully).

Style Court said...

Oh thanks Paul! I was thrilled with her answers. She'll be a great mom it seems.

The book should be at Amazon :)

katiedid said...

Ha! I love that Free Thinkers title too. I saw a documentary recently (Wish I could remember the title) about a 4 year old artist who was being shown in New York galleries and was selling paintings for between 3K and 7K. I would love to see Lulu's offsprings' creations if they get her creative gene's!

Style Court said...

Gosh I'll have to be on the lookout for a re-run of that documentary.

I'd love to see the creations of Lulu's kids too!

girl meets glamour said...

No wonder she is so amazingly creative!! Great post Courtney, and I've been drooling over her bedding at Matouk as well!!

Oh and sorry I've been MIA, I'll be poppin' in more often now :)


Style Court said...

She is. Thanks kate!

annechovie said...

I love Lulu's style. Her originality of expression and youthful liveliness are a welcome jolt of life and energy in the sometimes staid world of interiors.