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The Mary Sofa

This morning I asked Claudia Thompson, owner of Providence Antiques, about her favorite piece of the moment. Without missing a beat, she said, "the Mary sofa." That's not the official name, but she has dubbed the sunny yellow, circa 1969 loveseat "Mary" because it "screams first apartment and The Mary Tyler Moore show."

Claudia has mixed the fun, youthful vintage sofa with elegant new mirrored screens from Oly, old original black-and-white drawings, and an authentic Noguchi coffee table.


SimplyGrove said...

I love that sofa!!!!! Gorgeous

Anonymous said...

That sofa is way too out there for Mary. Looks like a Rhoda piece to me.

Style Court said...

yes, maybe claudia means the era of the MTM show? maybe the lines of it?

Anonymous said...

What material is it covered with? It looks shiny in the second photo - not hyde of the wild nauga?

Style Court said...

claudia thinks vinyl

Alkemie said...

Very Nice! I just did a post today purely on tufted sofas which I adore. I love seeing pieces from stores. Thanks for sharing Courtney!