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Full Circle

In the mood for some outdoor socializing, a reader who lives not far from me asked to see inspirational images of Southern porches. This isn't a porch, and it's not located in the South. It's the 1930s poolhouse on Lynn von Kersting's L.A. property (formerly the legendary home of George Cukor).

Influenced by Cukor's structure, Virginia-bred Steven Gambrel designed a similar Neo-Regency poolhouse at the back of his weekend home, as seen below in Elle Decor, July-August 2004. It was one of the first "rooms" I posted when I started blogging.

He furnished it along with an adjacent porch in a similar way -- crisp apple green cushions, vibrant Designers Guild paisley and Donghia striped pillows, classic lanterns.

So, I'm hoping in a roundabout way all of these outdoor spaces will inspire my friendly reader as she spruces up her own porch for the season.

Currently Lewis Sheron has an entire room filled with budget-friendly outdoor fabrics. Over the weekend, a friend and I spotted one of Atlanta's most glamorous designers scanning the bolts there with her adorable daughter and little dog in tow.

Silk Trading also has new outdoor options.

Lynn von Kersting images are from Getaways, Clarkson Potter, 2000


kelleyp said...

love this post. need new pillows for my outdoor furniture. then with the new pillows, maybe a new rug, and on and on. need more ideas about pools--toying with the idea of splurging for one. we live in phoenix,arizona so a pool is almost a necessary evil.

Style Court said...


glad it's helpful! i'll keep pools in mind.

annechovie said...

Love this post, Courtney! Here in Florida, I spend the better part of the year outside and it's great to see some more stylish and colorful options. So much of what is available for outdoor living is so drab and generic.

Style Court said...

thanks anne! i'm so glad. i know you enjoy your beautiful weather.

style and grace said...

Gorgeous!! I can't wait to have a back yard to decorate. For now my balcony will have to do!! :(

pve design said...

Yes, it's time to take it outside!
I love selecting 2 colors for out side, white with brown looks chic. Love textures, bamboo, metal, and white.

Pigtown*Design said...

Good ideas for seat cushions for my wrought iron furniture!

Muriel said...

Now this is divine!!!
Love your blog

Style Court said...

thanks muriel!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Drop dead gorgeous!

Mrs. Blandings said...

For heaven's sake! I've only been gone two days and you've posted, like, twenty amazing things. Adore the Gambrel, of course, but the Williams post is fabulous and I loved each and every image. Glad I'm back on easy street so I can stop in each morning. I can't stand to miss a thing.

Style Court said...

So glad you are back! Thought of you of course posting this because of Gambrel and Cukor :)