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Slate: Save The Mount

For the past few weeks I've mentioned at the close of some posts that Edith Wharton's former Massachusetts home, The Mount, is facing immediate foreclosure. Always resourceful Meg just sent me a link to an excellent Slate article that covers Wharton's residence in detail -- its place in design history, why it is relevant today. Brilliant slides accompany the story too.


Pigtown*Design said...

Thanks for the shout! I am going to link the slideshow, too.

Anonymous said...

i hope it doesn't see foreclosure. It's a beautiful & important home to tour!

London Calling said...

Do they have a chance of pulling it out?

Style Court said...

As I understand it today was the deadline. I have not a had a chance yet to check the website but I believe the hope was a big donor might step in at the 11th hour.