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The Radziwill Bedroom

Pressed for time, I think over the next few days I'll simply share some iconic rooms as captured by Mark Hampton. (Anne Harwell is a great fan of Hampton's interior watercolors and has already written some lovely blog posts about the man.) Above is Lee Radziwill's bedroom in England decorated by pattern maestro Renzo Mongiardino.

In a May 2004 article penned for Veranda, design journalist Marion McEvoy listed Renzo Mongiardino among her six all-time favorite talents. She described Mongiardino as "the world’s number one over-the-top decorator," and added, "He’s responsible for demonstrating that 'less is more' is no fun at all."

domino introduced a younger, wider audience to the Mongiardino-Radziwill projects of the swinging 60's. Above more pattern and more layers in her London drawing room.

Images © Mark Hampton from Mark Hampton: The Art of Friendship, by Duane Hampton, Harper Collins, 2001


cotedetexas said...

What a great tastemaster she is! I especially loved her country house in England - have you ever seen photos of it? Thanks for posting these pictures. And I ADORE the bedroom below!

Style Court said...

I need to buy my own copy of Happy Times to really study her house!

annechovie said...

That is a beautiful room and beautifully rendered by Mark, as usual. Also,thanks for the mention, Courtney!

cotedetexas said...

Did you ever read the book by her daughter in law? I'm blanking on the name but it was about her son and JFK Jr. It was so good - so sad, you can't put it down. If you haven't read it - whatever the name is - you need to get it. It was really good.