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Katie Did It

For the most part I think I agree with Rose Tarlow: the word "dated" shouldn't come up too often in interior decoration because good design endures.

Having said that, sometimes we end up with pieces that are still good looking -- or even timeless -- but just are no longer us. When I was younger and given a four-poster bed, lighter and mid-tone woods were popular. (White curtains on beds were even more popular.)

Today my simple white bed curtains are still hanging around -- mainly because they hide an unsightly view without blocking sunlight. But I've been toying with the idea of investing in the full-on Casa Tua look (image three above). Really obscuring the wood or maybe changing the finish entirely.

Then Katie DID, with her sharp eye and great attention to detail, posted some fresh Peter Dunham images from her latest Western Interiors. The not-so-dark, Dunham-designed, four-poster hung with simple curtains -- no David Hicks canopy -- grabbed my attention (shown above top, pictures one and two). It's funny how you can fall for something all over again when someone you admire gives it his (or her) seal of approval.

Maybe I need to subscribe to Western Interiors.

Possible John Robshaw shams to add to the mix.

Above, the Costello bed has curtains similar to what I already have. Since there is a window behind my bed, I've kept the plain white to let in light but maintain privacy. I think Sara Ruffin Costello ebonized her old four-poster. Photo by Bruce Buck for The New York Times

Images one and two photographed by Grey Crawford. Image three is from Architectural Digest, Italy, via Casa Tua.


katiedid said...

Hi Courtney! This is so funny because we have almost the same bed! I will have to take a picture and send it to you. I have a gilded mirror hanging above mine as well (although it is rectangular)Great minds. And thank you so much for the shout out! :)

Style Court said...

Katie, that is funny! How cool.

The Peak of Chic said...

Courtney- I think that sounds like a great idea! A nice way to update your bed. Let's face it- while the David Hicks canopy looks GREAT, it's expensive, and the maintenance issues are something to take into consideration (all that dust!).

Style Court said...

Oh good point about the dust Jennifer! And yes the cost :(

Anonymous said...

Don't change a thing...dark and light come and go. You break up the wood with the curtains...I think a splash of light is a surprise on a four poster bed. Really, it's GREAT. Curtain investment is never a bad idea...but what you have looks lovely and I adore an all white bed.
Sara L

Style Court said...

Sara L,

Thanks for the input! So nice to hear from you.

kelleyp said...

an all white bed is timeless. i too have an all white bed, however with a cream upholstered headboard, and nearly the same mirror as you above it. also, think you should get western interiors--pretty packed with ideas and showcases some great desingers.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Was so happy to see more of Dunham's work in Western Interiors (it started coming - what's up? Mr. B picked up the subscription, clever him) and again on katie did. It's fresh and pretty - which would just enhance your already fresh and pretty room.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to get Western Interiors. It is a great high quality magazine. Does this mean you missed the California Beach house re-design by Bonesteel Trout Hall that was featured in last months issue? It is one of my new favorites!

Style Court said...

Hi Anon,

Since I'm in Atlanta, I've never been very familiar with WI. But now I see I've been missing more interiors from faves like Tim Clarke, Dunham etc. Thanks for the tip.