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Bachelor Party

I asked young Atlanta-based designer Mallory Mathison about the first antique she ever invested in. Her reply was enthusiastic:

" A walnut bachelor's chest (with fabulous fretwork inlay -- so delightful!). It has been a dream! It has been a bedside table, sideboard, TV chest and bar, and has worked beautifully in every capacity. When you are looking for your first "investment" type antique, whether it is a steal of a deal at an estate sale or a special purchase from a high-end shop, look for something that can be wonderfully useful in a multitude of ways as well as beautiful to look at!"

I think traditionally the term "bachelor's chest" is reserved for smaller pieces. But the masculine reference made me think about how great "male" furniture can look in a woman's apartment. (Like when a woman wears a man's watch or wears her boyfriend's shirt.)

We've already talked about Mathison's mix of feminine and masculine elements in her own bedroom.

Schuyler Samperton used a stately chest in her bedroom too. (Elle Decor, November, 2003.)

And Robin Bell juxtaposed loads of handsome furniture with Rose Cumming's femme fatale "Zebrine" wallpaper (House Beautiful, January 2005.)

Sheraton-style chest shown top is available through Georgia Creek. Georgian chest, image three, is available through Antiquario.


London Calling said...

Smitten with the top photo of the bachelor chest. I love a mix of masculine and feminine decor. Ours tends to lean toward the masculine side.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Great post and a wonderful piece of advice for anyone. Save and buy smart -- both in terms of price and style.

Style Court said...

Thanks E!

London, glad you like the top example :)

Anonymous said...

i invited myself to your bachelor party... i had a couple things I needed to get off my chest {oh my gosh i am the cheesiest person on the planet}. see my blog for my bachelor round-up.

Unknown said...

For those who are getting spring fever and want to do something to 'change the look' of the home, how about knocking down a few walls - carefully, that is! The latest idea of great rooms is really catching on and if a home is going to keep up with the latest and newest on the market.

simply seleta said...

Both lovely and educational. Makes me want an Atlanta pad to where I can place all of my pretty dark wood pieces that are just sitting around not being appreciated and loved.

Love the zebra room. Love.

Alkemie said...

Wow! What a great spread! I really loved the zebra wallpapered room!