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Southern Flair

Whether it's Elvis and Graceland, a Virginia matriarch and her authentic Georgian house, or Barrie and Matt Benson and their cool 1956 Charlotte ranch, Southerners are passionate about their houses. It's a trait that seems to cross all racial and socio-economic lines. Traditional style has always been big in the region (after all Nancy Lancaster, "inventor" of English country style, was a Virginian) but as Southern Accents' Senior Editor, Clinton Smith, told me,

"Regardless of what the arbiters of style dictate, home is where personal style rules. Whether that is an ancestral antebellum mansion or a sleek, urban loft, Southerners surround themselves with people and things they love..."

More and more young Southerners are mixing the old with the new; embracing modernity without rejecting the classics. This week I'll highlight a few examples. First up: an event not a residence -- Lee Kleinhelter's wedding.

Shown top, Westover followed by Barrie Benson and family photographed by Laura Resen for Domino, October 2007.


Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

That house is fantastic -- my parents moved to North Carolina two years ago (from Vermont). We've all fallen in love with the state... so many wonderful homes and gracious folks. Thanks for sharing.

Style Court said...

Oh i'm so glad Abbey, thanks for letting me know :)

Allen said...

Very cute... when I saw the headline, I thought you were this blog:

Classic Southern Flair

Our family is all from North Carolina and my brother just married a North Carolina girl!

Sarah said...

Our state has so many attributes, glad we can add great design to our list. Thanks for this post. Charlotte Home and Garden did a whole spread on Matt and Barrie Benson.