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The Sideboard, The Porch, and The Four-Poster Bed

[Antique sideboard available through Pieces.]

Originally from North Carolina, Lee Kleinhelter has worked with venerable Southern design firms, including Dan Carithers and Westbrook Interiors (think classic, stately homes). Her own style though is very pared down, fiercely edited and modern.

Still, in Lee's clean-lined Atlanta home there are a few nods to iconic Southern elements: the English sideboard and a shady porch. Instead of traditional mahogany, Lee's sideboard is painted a pale shade and paired with sleek, modern lamps.

"Our grandmothers may raise their eyebrows, but there's a new crop
of young people who want to shake things up a bit by mixing the old and new to create more interesting spaces while respecting tradition," says Cottage Living's assistant style editor, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama native, Lindsey Ellis Beatty.

Lindsey also told me, "One thing that remains the same is that Southerners all love porches and outdoor living, but young Southerners are paying more attention to the design of outdoor spaces. Our grandmothers may have been satisfied with a porch swing or a glider and a big glass of sweet tea, but we want outdoor sofas upholstered in funky patterns, outdoor fireplaces, fancy grills and even stovetops...I think historically and now, Southerners are really into their houses, so we love to entertain and show them off!"

Tulane alum and style director for domino, Sara Ruffin Costello, used an heirloom bed in two different ways, above and below.

Lindsey adds, "Yes, I think that for Southerners young and old design is all about mixing. We Southerners love our history and like to show it off." She says the trick is to find a way to mix heirlooms but "still create a look that's not older than you are."

Floral wallpapered Costello bedroom photographed by Bruce Buck for The New York Times. Yellow bedroom photographed by Paul Costello for domino. Kleinhelter photos by Tim Street-porter for Cottage Living.


The Peak of Chic said...

I agree on all points, but most especially about outdoor living!

Style Court said...

And Jennifer know Southern traditions and style well!

Anonymous said...

As a young southerner, Im in total agreement. I love the quote about our grandmothers because its so true.

Style Court said...

Hi Wes,

You're another expert :)

Jennifer said...

Loving these posts on the new direction of Southern style! As a newlywed, one of our challenges has definitely been incorporating heirloom pieces into our aesthetic, and it's great to see examples of it done well.

Keep up the good work!

Style Court said...

Oh Jennifer (newlywed Jennifer) just what I like to hear. Great!

SimplyGrove said...

Mmmm, I love that yellow bedroom. I remember when that issue came out and thinking that i needed to redo my bedroom right then with the same pallet!

Style Court said...

Yes, the yellow was so great with the dark bed and those vintage lamps :)

Sabina said...

Just found your blog - and I love it!!

I've bookmarked you and will be back!!

Style Court said...

thanks sabina!!

Things That Inspire said...

Great post! I love that sideboard at Pieces. I have quite a few beautiful, traditional items that I would like to paint to freshen them up...such as an antique French sideboard and chippendale chairs. I keep chickening out, though!

Style Court said...

Thanks Sarah! It is sometimes a challenge to know when to paint and when not to :)

I guess one guideline is the value of the piece and the quality of the wood. If it's not a museum piece or fine antique, you can always go for it -- then if later you regret the paint it could be refinished again.

KEEHNAN said...

These beds are fantastic, especially the latter; equal parts Southern Gothic and Future Perfect chitz.